Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Prayers/Mojo/Good Thoughts Requested: Those of you who talk to the Guy Upstairs, or light candles, or do other in times of crisis, please do some today for Tamara Siler Jones. I don't know what's up but it doesn't sound minor so I'm putting her on the prayer chain here.

Weather: This morning my daughter bolted into the kitchen shrieking Mom Mom there's ice all over your car the same way she might yell Mom Mom there's a serial killer in the living room. Freak-out was understandable; my kids were born in South Florida and have only left the state during the summer. The only ice they've ever seen comes out of the door of the fridge. I de-iced the windows with a pitcher of hot salt water (old military trick) but I would like to have my nice warm Florida weather back now, please.

Trivial: The name Reever is phoentically identical to the Norwegian verb that means, not surprisingly, to tear apart.

Work-related: Marathon two days ahead as I rewrite some stuff I ripped out of the latest book and kill this deadline. If I can write 40K in 48 hours, that is.

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