Friday, January 21, 2005

No Shame

I tried to resist this. I did.

New entry in the Authors Behaving Badly file: Novelist Mary Bly, during her interview with New York as she explained why she has concealed the terrible secret that she has been writing romance as Eloisa James for the past five years:

"The main reason I kept [my romance-writing career] separate in the beginning had to do with the sense of shame that American culture deals out to romance, to readers of romance."


Wait, now, before anyone gets pissed off, I can see her point. I mean, romance writers only own a piddly 55% of the adult fiction market in this country, right? Small potatoes. And those truckloads of money that we make for our publishers each and every year are so very vulgar, aren't they? Not to mention all the inappropriate happiness that we give our readers, who obviously should be locked in a dark room for having the gall to buy a novel that might actually have SEX in it, for God's sake.

What were we thinking, going around flaunting our tawdry little genre when we could have been on CNN, apologizing for our subversive activities while wearing our glasses and mentioning Shakespeare? Shame on us.

(Note to self:    file James, Eloisa Bly, Mary
under ABB subsection Twit.)

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