Monday, February 08, 2016

So I Don't Sit Around and Cry All Day

Hey, sorry I'm showing up late and unprepared (again!) -- losing a furry pal who has been with you for almost twenty years takes a bit of a toll. Jeri was also our last cat; we've just got the dogs now. It always leaves a huge hole in your life when you lose a pet, but I guess that's the ultimate price tag of being blessed with all that unconditional love and devotion.

Anyway -- I will not weep on you today. I do have some random weirdness to share, in hopes of lightening everyone's spirits. Here's the first weird thing I found this past week:

Yep, they are now making maple and bacon flavored Pop Tarts. My maple and bacon-loving daughter is over the moon. I'm a bit more skeptical -- these things were really nutritional black holes to begin with -- but bacon? Really? What's next, beef and cheddar flavor? Uh, Pop Tarts, that was not a suggestion.

My guy took me out to dinner over the weekend to an Asian buffet we love, and with our check they always give us each a fortune cookie. Here's mine:

That's not one but two fortune cookies in the same package. I debated on whether to open it or save it as an oddity, and then I just caved today and opened it up:

There were two complete cookies inside, and each one had a fortune. Since I usually get the grim, stern-sounding fortunes I braced myself, but each one was kinda nice: "A love relationship takes on an added dimension" and "A friend asks only for your time and not money." Since both already came true it's also a little creepy, but there you go.

I think I'll make a point to visit the cat shelter this week and make a donation in Jeri's name. That seems like the best way to honor my pal.


  1. It's never easy to lose a pet (looking over at Ivan curled up in the office chair). I feel for you and it is a tough time to go through.

  2. So sorry to hear about Jeri. When my furry boy Panther left us, I decided not to get another cat. Like you, I went to the local animal shelter to drop off a donation. The woman in line in front of me was leaving a box of kittens. Guess what I came home with? A perfect replica of Panther.

    Be careful at the shelter. You'll either cry ... or ... come home with a surprise.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, but what a wonderful life it must've been for Jeri. I'm with Fiona. Careful about visiting the shelter too soon. You may come away with more than you expected. :)

  4. Hugs, Lynn. You have my deepest sympathies.

    But Maple Bacon Pop-tarts? (runs in the other direction!)

  5. I'm so very sorry, Lynn. It's such a heart-wrenching feeling. But she enjoyed twenty happy years with a loving person. That's a good life.
    Your fortunes sound great. I usually get the Quo Vadis-sounding stuff, "she who seeks the lotus must not fear the muddied path", or some such crap...

  6. I'm sorry to hear about Jeri and I think the donation to the cat shelter sounds like the perfect gesture. Maple bacon Pop-Tarts not so much. My son would love these, so I'm hoping they'll stay on your side of the pond. He eats enough crap as it is.

  7. Making a donation sounds like a lovely idea. After we lost Max last fall, I took all his leftover, unopened food (stuff Kira wouldn't eat) and meds and kitten milk to the vet's office so they could pass it on to the rescue organizations in the area. There was a lot because near the end there, we bought every kind of catfood available to see what he might eat.

    Yeah, bacon poptarts... just the thought grosses me out.

  8. So sorry about your pet! That's hard to deal with, especially when you're sick. Saw the fortune cookies...did you ever see the tv commercial in which a May-December couple is eating in a Chinese restaurant? Unknown to them, employees are back in the kitchen typing up specific fortune messages. A snarky warning message is slipped into their particular cookie... very funny stuff :)

  9. Sorry about your cat ((hugs)). When it comes to the maple bacon Poptarts, maybe it's a generational thing. Several people said they might appeal to their kids. They certainly appeal to me :)


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