Sunday, February 07, 2016

Just Write

Today I'm off to write something new and post it online before midnight. Everyone inclined to do the same is invited to join me.

I have to cancel Just Write as today we lost our cat Jericho, and I've been too upset to sit down and write anything except this.

We were blessed to have this lovely creature as part of our family for so long. Jeri had been frail but reasonably healthy over the last six months, and then today his body just started shutting down. Once we were sure he wasn't going to rally we took him to the vet so he didn't have to suffer. He just turned nineteen years old last November.

Jeri boy, I'm going to miss you every night when I go to bed and you're not there to curl up with me, but I'm so glad you were part of my life. I love you, pal. Have a safe journey.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. :HUGS:

  2. So, so sorry for your loss.

  3. Oh no. Oh, I'm so deeply sorry. These beautiful creatures are such an integral part of our lives. Their loss is felt deeply and for a long time.
    May the memories you have of Jeri bring you comfort.

    This may sound silly and melodramatic, but don't let anyone make you feel bad for grieving. Many don't understand the hole that a pet can leave in your heart.

    Thinking of you....

  4. I'm so sorry. We've had that heartbreak too. Gentle hugs for you.


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