Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Serves Me Right

I'm having a lot of fun participating in Library Thing's Early Reviewers Program. I try to put my name in for at least a couple of books each month, mostly non-fiction that I want to read. Occasionally I'll request an author or title at random, but always in paper. I did request one electronic copy of a book that is part of a big trend. A trend that I have regarded with some mystification, if I'm to be completely honest.

When I put my name in for it, I admit, I thought "Oh, I'll never win that one." You know what happens when you think that, yes?

You win.

Which I did.

So yesterday a .pdf copy arrived in my inbox, courtesy of the author/artist:

I do think getting a book I can print out is very cool, and I will of course try it out and write it up. Perhaps I'll even fathom the whole trend once I do. This adult coloring book features travel-themed illustrations based on the city of Barcelona, Spain, which is a gorgeous place.

Now to find some adult crayons . . . .


  1. I must admit I don't get adult coloring books at all, but I keep trying to think "each to his own". They probably don't understand quilting either.

  2. Careful. Those adult coloring books are addictive. Especially the ones that say relaxing.

    BTW: Depends on the book, but coloring pencils work better on some.

    Have fun.


  3. I've used coloring books as a way to relax since college. Regular ones for kids. Because they're fun and I don't have to worry about coloring in the lines if I don't want to. Which reminds me, I really should get some new books and some crayons again. With bunnies and kitties and puppies. Maybe some birds and trees. Intricate 'adult' coloring books feel like too much work.

  4. I'd recommend colored pencils or very fine markers instead of crayons. Some people even combine them, like pencils & markers, markers & paint, etc.

  5. i have a couple and some ink-pencils. I think the distraction kept me from tossing a cantankerous relative in a lake so well spent.

    fine point markers are wonderful for these.


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