Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hodge Podge

Library Thing just sent me a heads-up that the first book I'll be getting from their Early Reviewers program for 2016 is The Naturalist by Darrin Lunde, which made me give a sniffly cheer. I love all things Theodore Roosevelt, and the author has impressive credentials. Darrin Lunde currently works as "a Supervisory Museum Specialist in the Division of Mammals at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History." Before that he worked at the American Museum of Natural History, where "he led field expeditions throughout the world." He also "named more than a dozen new species of mammals and provided valuable scientific insights on hundreds of others." From his bio the guy sounds like a total Indiana Jones, so I expect he'll write a terrific book, too.

I haven't gotten much of anything done this week writing-wise, but being under the weather gave me lots of time to sew and think. I probably needed the break, too (I never think I do until I'm forced to take one.) Once I do get all the fever/congestion/aches behind me I'd like to do a workshop on the blog. It's been ages since I have, and I always have fun with those. I was thinking I might do one that details some ways on how to take an idea and turn it into a novel, soup-to-nuts fashion. If there's any other topic in particular you'd like to see me cover, throw me some suggestions.

What's up with you guys? How is the writing going in your corner of NetPubLand? Anyone read a fabulous book lately and want to share a rec? Let us know in comments.


  1. I participated in a twitter based pitch to publisher session and got two bites from three of the pitches I sent.
    Finished reading a book ( Stoned, by Aja Raden,) on how gems changed the course of history. Lined up next, the water knife, by paolo bacigalupi.

    started writing a new steampunk vamp collab, and oh, yeah, broke my knee. Cane, brace, meeting with fracture clinic.

  2. Sorry you've been feeling gross. :hugs: Yay for an interesting new book, though!

    Plodding along here. Not much new writing going on, but loads of editing, getting ready for my next genie book to launch in March. And May's book launch. Everything else is a blur. But the weather's been beautiful and we're taking the time to enjoy it while it lasts. As for reading, my friend, JB Lynn, released the next book in her Neurotic Hitwoman series - The Hitwoman and the Sacrificial Lamb. Such a fun read. A fun series if you haven't read them yet. =o)


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