Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shelter Visit

I went to the local no-kill cat shelter with my daughter and a friend this morning so we could visit, and I made a donation to honor Jericho. That made me feel better than I have all week. I also successfully resisted the urge to adopt a new cat (a bit hard when I met a cat who looked a lot like Jeri; you can see him at the top of picture #14 below.)

As we're getting older we've decided to think very carefully before we bring any new pals into our household; we want to make sure we'll be around to look after them. In the meantime I'm going to volunteer more time to help the shelter and some other rescue groups in our county.

Here are some of the lovely creatures we got to cuddle with today:


  1. Good for you! I'm glad you went.

    I know what you mean about adopting. Hubby wants another dog badly, but I warned him that we weren't getting any younger and we have to think about what we can handle 12-15 years down the road.

    We'd much prefer an older dog but our vet thinks our miscreant border collie would probably be better behaved with a puppy that grows up to revere her.

  2. Glad you're feeling better.
    I've had something of the same resolve for nearly two years. Getting up in age makes it necessary. But then, I reminded myself I could also get hit by a bus at any time. And having critters you love can be an extra incentive to stay healthy & alive.
    So I secured the promise of someone close to me, someone I trust who also loves animals, to be sure mine are taken care of if circumstances made it necessary (& I promised the same to her). And shortly after New Year's, I came home from the shelter with a furry new lodger. ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing that. It was a lovely gesture.

  4. Awww, I'm so glad you went, but your resolve is way better than mine. I really want another cat. After my Molly passed, we had loaner cats from DD2, but no one who stayed permanently. I saw one the other day I fell in love with, but the husband says no :(

    My daughters will take the dogs someday if necessary. They love them so I'm not worried about them. But I do miss a cat in my lap...

  5. Kitties! I know it's so hard to not bring at least one... or two... or eleven of them home. After we lost Max, I wanted to save another kitty right away. Hubs' cooler head prevailed. Kira prefers being an only cat and she's getting older, so it would be mean to make her adjust to a new fur-person. That and I don't think Hubs will be ready for another friend any time soon. Losing Max hit him hard.


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