Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Ten

Ten Things to Help with Thanksgiving

21 easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids will keep them busy while Mom cooks. has some neat, before-the-big-meal ideas here for Thanksgiving appetizers; I might try these blue cheese and pear tartlets.

The simplest no-cook appetizer I know that just about everyone loves: alternate chunks of fruit and cheese on bamboo skewers to make pretty nibbly kabobs (and older kids who can be trusted with pointy sticks can easily put these together, too.)

Better Homes & Gardens has some suggestions here for indoor Thanksgiving decorating.

Not sure how long to thaw, how much to stuff, and/or how long to roast your turkey? You can call, chat or e-mail the experts at Butterball Turkey; get more details at their website contact page here.

The Cooking Channel has a yummy photo gallery of Thanksgiving Dessert recipes here.

Cooking Light has a great celebrations section here with lots of interesting healthy-option recipes and menu ideas for your turkey day.

Three easy and elegant Thanksgiving centerpieces from Good Housekeeping.

For those who want to skip the turkey and go meatless this holiday, Martha Stewart has a nice selection of main dish options here.

And finally, for those like me who can't be trusted with a candy thermometer (I've broken about a hundred, actually) but want to make a sweet treat for Thanksgiving, my famous No-Brainer Fudge recipe is #5 on this holiday helps ten list.

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