Saturday, November 01, 2014

Here We Go

Today begins National Novel Writing Month, and for the next thirty days I'll be writing my way toward the 50K finish line. I've posted my wordcount widget and unofficial NaNo badges here, and as I have in years past I'll be posting updates, detailed notes on my progress and possibly some peeks at the story over on the stories blog.

Whenever I join in NaNoWriMo I like to set up in advance a reward for reaching the 50K finish line. Just as I was mulling over what that should be for 2014, our mail carrier stopped in with a package from B&N for me:

I forgot I had these on backorder, and it seemed like the universe was giving me a nudge, so the book and CD will wait until I finish NaNo (and if I don't reach 50K, I'll give them away to someone else, which will really hurt.)

If you're likewise diving into the madness, let us know in comments.

And we're off -- everyone, break a keyboard!


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Yes, I've begun the dash to the finish line. Mind you with me it can be more of a crawl at times but I'll get to the end nonetheless. :-)

    I always have a small hope that I could one day write something I could share with others and something that made sense and was an actual story. I am hoping to get there one of these days.

    Good luck to everyone. This is supposed to be fun, right?

    Ron B

  2. I consider myself speeding along, Ron, even when I can do nothing but crawl -- and it's not a lie. Snails consider me totally dashing! Ha.

    I'm already having fun, but carriage crashes first thing in the morning always perk me up. :)

  3. Keita Haruka10:25 AM

    I haven't started with the actual writing yet today because there was still a few loose ends I needed to wrap up - little things like the location of the city, name of the city and the final part of the master plot. It turned out MUCH longer than I expected - but that always happens.

    This year I will not be intimidated by the sheer size of the thing. I've broken the story up into four parts, and if part one fills up the 50,000 words by the end of the month, then good! After all, there's no rule that says I have to fit the WHOLE story into 50,000 words, right? Right...?

    *runs for the hills*

    1. I just cut and pasted a page in my wordcount validator to see if it was working -- and it is, hooray!

      There is no rule that you have to fit the entire novel into 50K, and most of us don't. For me 50K is only about half an average novel. For this story, more like a third :)

  4. Seat belt fastened...engine squealing...AND THEY'RE OFF!!!

    Hope to see that checkered flag at the finish line...

    1. I'm working on an incentive to giveaway to one of my fellow NaNo'ers -- not that I'm trying to bribe you, of course. :)

    2. Keita Haruka6:08 PM

      Well, if you were, that would be tempting. :p

    3. Okay, now that I see you got 3K+ on the first day, I am going to bribe you. Check your NaNomail. :)

  5. I have started writing, but I need to finish my plotting cards. I got my first 1674 words from the first card, but I need more scenes to keep my story rolling.


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