Thursday, November 06, 2014

NaNo the First Week

Thoughts from the trenches:

Night Before: Why did I pick this idea? I'm not ready to write this. I should lie to everyone and say my eye infection came back and I can't see my computer monitor. No one will expect me to write half-blind. Only then I'll burn in Hell. Okay, using this idea for NaNoWriMo, or burning in Hell, which is worse . . . .

Day One: So silly to be scared of this. Crashed rig, first thing this morning! Wonderful scene to write. Feel so much better about the idea. Oh, and must remember this is a straight historical romance, and somehow resist the urge to turn 18th-century England into alternate universe populated by six-foot-tall sentient bunnies.

Day Two: Enter the Colonel. A bit tight-lipped but very dashing and manly; I love him already. I think his steward could work in a secondary romance with the vicar's wife. Might have to kill off the vicar and see. Obviously love the steward too much. Rabbits still trying to get in the story.

Day Three: My family forgot I'm a writer. I guess it was all those months I spent recovering from the eye surgery. But still, really, popping in to ask a dumb question Every. Five. Minutes? Okay, so now I have to get serious. The next person who interrupts me while I'm writing is going to be abducted by six-foot-tall sentient bunnies who have inexplicably acquired a taste for human flesh and are presently starving. Kidding. Hmmmm. Wouldn't a story with rampaging giant zombie bunnies be cool, though?

Day Four: I don't have to kill off the vicar, hooray! I'm writing in a visiting, bitterly unhappy widowed sister who makes everyone miserable, especially the vicar's sweetheart of a wife. She'll be a great foil for my female protag, plus I can redeem her. Maybe. Not sure, as she's seriously miserable. Then there's the village doctor, who I might keep in London for a few more chapters. Doctors are always waaaay too interesting as characters for me. Also rabbits persisted in showing up all over the main house at Netherfield, so I surrendered and wrote them into the setting. Should keep them from turning into zombies.

Day Five: Why do these people keep asking me to cook for them? Don't they know that NaNoWriMo is the real reason God created takeout?

Day Six: (technically, it's 12:09 am) Cooked for my family anyway. Was good for me; I've been getting so sucked into both projects I needed to come up for air. Editor happy. Writing buddies are inspiring me. NaNo is great. All I have to do is something with all these blasted rabbits . . . .

So how has your first week gone so far, my fellow NaNoers? Let us know in comments.

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  1. So far, so good. I only really didn't want to write one night this week and I made myself write anyway, so it's all good.

  2. Wow that was some week! I'm intrigued by the bunnies, but only because I've been making them from some excess plush fabric and I'm now stuck on pompom bunny tails. I'm looking forward to reading the finished result.

  3. Lynn,
    I'm not a writer, so I will just sit back and enjoy you slowly going crazy this month.........write about the rabbits!

  4. I've had a great first week...though I expect everything to implode soon. Still, for the moment--even without bunnies--my story is flowing and I like it.

  5. So far I've got a fireman, a yoga instructor, a librarian and a male stripper.
    Pretty typical for my stories and yet again I ask myself will it all make sense in the end?

    Going pretty well so far but what about next week?

  6. Keita Haruka2:36 PM

    So far, so good. :-) Keeping up with the word-count so far, and nothing really major interfering. Just the usual life stuff. Work, family, partner, gym...and a trip away! *bites fingernails" BUT! Laptop is going with me, and I shall accept NO excuse for not writing.

    Also, I'm FINALLY starting to get a grip on my two leading guys. Dear gods, am I ever out of practice!

    Otherwise, all systems are go!

  7. The first week has gone very well. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop!

  8. Interestingly enough, my book does have a sentient bunny in it. But he normal rabbit sized. He's pink though. As far as I know, he doesn't crave human flesh. . . yet. Week 1 has gone better than expected. I am slightly behind, but considering I am in my first year of teaching while doing this, I am quite impressed by the amount I've managed to write. And there is a cold front coming in next week and that always makes for some great writing. :)

  9. Anonymous9:27 PM

    First week of NaNo has been fun, hitting the word count okay despite life's large and small interruptions. But otherwise things are deviating from the script - I've written two of the four chapters I planned to kick off NaNo and now there's five chapters left. I may be losing the plot already. No bunnies, but some goats turned up unexpectedly and that didn't end well. Bad sign? M Trek

  10. So far so good. Getting to the what was I thinking phase. LOL

  11. Now I want 6 foot sentient bunnies! Or better yet, go and add a paragraph about them to my husband's novel while he is out of town this weekend and see if he notices.
    This week I am a little behind due to a migraine day, but I should get caught up this weekend. I have 2 crockpot meals ready to go for Saturday and Sunday.


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