Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Speedy Links

I noticed when I was over on the NaNoWriMo forums this one post with a megalist of helpful writing articles. Things like this are definitely worth checking out when you have time, but they're not exactly time-savers. Since I know a bunch of sites where you can get a direct answer to a writing-related problem very quickly, I thought I'd put together my own list of speedier links:

Acronymer -- you've got an acronym, now you need to figure out what words the letters stand for. Feed your 2-6 letter acronym to this one and it will instantly generate some suggestions (as in LYNN = Linear Y-value Network Node)

Chaotic Shiny's Place Name Generator -- need a geographic landmark name fast? Use this generator.

Character Feelings Table -- Julia West put this together as a reference for character emotions. Can be a great prompt source when you're not sure how your character is feeling at the moment, or you need a word to express the intensity of your character emotions.

Complete Friday 20 Index -- a quick source for answers to a bunch of writing-related questions posted here on the blog during the old Friday 20 sessions, indexed by subject and listed by question with links to my answers.

Index of Freeware & Online Tools for Writers -- I need to update this (badly) but many of the links are still viable, and may be of help when you need a free program or specific tool.

Invent-a-Word -- when you need to coin a new word but can't think of one, this prefix/suffix words overlapper generator can be a huge help.

Job Title Generator -- some are silly, but others are pretty interesting. Even if you just need a place holder/easily-searched-and-replaced type title until you can think up a better one, quite helpful.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary -- for when you have a definition or concept for which you need a word. Describe it in the search box, click and get a related words list.

Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name Generator -- for those times in the story when you immediately need 100 Dickensian/UK-flavored place names. Seriously, I love this one; much of the names generated are consistently inspiring.

Seventh Sanctum -- Aka generator heaven. An index and links to the specific writing-related generators can be found on this page.

Tip of My Tongue -- an actual search engine for that one word you can almost remember. Enter letters, partial word fragments, what it sounds like, what it means and get back a list of possible solutions.

Word Navigator -- a wordsmith's mini-toolkit; enter a prefix, suffix or word and this generator will find words that start, end or contain it, new words made from the letters, words found within it and much more.

Wordle -- create word clouds from any text; extremely helpful in creating titles, story ideas and more (I love to feed it parts of stories, poems or songs and see what comes up in the cloud; I get a ton of title ideas that way.)

Writer's Knowledge Base -- Elizabeth S. Craig's search engine can find the writing-related online help you need very fast.


  1. Excellent. Off to check out the job title generator.

  2. A very useful post. Thank you!


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