Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finish Line Thoughts

Today is the final day of NaNoWriMo 2014, and if I'm not yet at the 50K finish line I hope to cross it by 11:59 pm.* Pretty sure I will; just before I wrote this post I flew past 45K after an uber creative writing session. Which is why I want to write this post now (today is the 23rd, actually) -- I had my best writing day of the month. Finished and turned in the first phase of Ghost Writer Gig II, then nailed my 2K NaNo novel daily goal *and* bailed my characters out of a sticky plot problem *and* found/created a new room in Netherfield. This is about as high as this kite gets, my friends.

I'm still tired, and somewhat annoyed with Publishing, and really, really behind on my holiday prep and household chores. NaNo combined with my day jobs should have me finishing the month with 112K of new fiction written since November 1st, which now seems a bit surreal. Before Nano began I was having trouble writing a thousand words a day; this month I've averaged almost four times that -- and I don't know why, other than doubling up on my writing sessions and letting the NaNo madness and my writing buddies inspire me. Well, being able to actually see again might have helped a little.

Maybe I should give the eyes most of the credit. I almost went blind this year. I was basically blind for the month between my two eye surgeries, when I couldn't write or read or drive or do much of anything. I had a lot of time to sit around and think about what my life would be like if those operations didn't work, too. Trading in my silver cane for a white one. Going to Braille classes. Giving up my books, my sewing, my car. Having to relearn how to do everything by touch. Never again seeing the faces of the people I love.

You know I've never been afraid of the dark, but this year? I learned how.

So I don't care that I'm tired, or that I had to juggle work and NaNo, or that I'm probably going to spend December doing all my housework and shopping while in a partial coma. No matter what happens, I still get to see it happen. There is also one more daily reminder for me to be grateful for my restored sight. This month we found out that our beloved rescue kitty, Jericho, is going blind, and there's nothing the vet can do to stop it. So we're going to pamper him and love him and make sure he knows we're here for him. And I wil remember that could be me.

I would like to thank everyone here who cheered on me and my writer pals, and my NaNo writing buddies, who always came through with a note to me at the exactly the right time. You truly are the best.

Now let's finish this.

*Actually finished up on Wednesay, but wrote this post before that, which is confusing but there you go.


  1. :HUGS: I'm so sorry you went through that. And so happy the surgery went well.

    Yay for finishing! You rock. I finished, too, and then totally lazed out. But no rest for the writerly, so I got back at it last night.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Can't believe I made it through another Nanowrimo but I always tell myself it's good for me.

    I'm glad all went well with your eye surgeries this year. I know my blind nephew has certainly had some big struggles which I can't even imagine.

    On to another month.
    Ron B

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Congratulations on successful surgery. I am struggling with eye-sight issues as well, and appreciate insights from your personal experiences.

    And congratulations for all your progress this month! Mine looks different (and a lot smaller) but I think I've had a successful month as well, even thought I won't be crossing the finishing line tonight.


  4. If you would like some NaNo stickers for this year and a poster, let me know. I have some extra. knottyneedle at

  5. You did an amazing job this month. Seriously, I'm doing the "we are not worthy" bowing in awe thing now. I never doubted you wouldn't finish NaNo, though I wondered how you were going to write your stuff, finish the first Ghost story, and then (if there was Super Woman music, it would begin playing now) start Ghost II. All in just 30 measly days.

    Sorry about your kitty...sigh...but what a unique understanding you have to deal with it.

    And I've said this before in different words, but here it is again: You rock, girl...!!!!!!! Congrats on surviving November... ;D

  6. I think going blind is my biggest fear. My brother is legally deaf, so going deaf has never scared me. But blind.. yeah. And we're having kitty issues too. Is stressful. But I got the rough, rough, ROUGH draft of my book done (51k). Setting it aside to get another rough draft of another book done next month. My goal is to do 1500 a day average. If I want to make a living at this I have to. Note this is in addition to a day job that averages 60 hours a week. But I've got a lot to be greatful for, starting with being able to see ~grins~.

    So thank you Lynn. You never fail to inspire me, and just knowing that you're plugging away every day takes away a lot of my excuses. ~hugs~

  7. Congratulations for finishing this challenge!

  8. My husband had a detached retina a few years back. He spent a whole month on his face after emergency surgery to fix the damaged eye. We spent that month hoping a) his vision would come back and b) his other eye didn't pull similar shenanigans.

    All best and many sympathy hugs.


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