Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fifty Things

To wrap up my 50th novel party week, I thought I'd hunt through the archives and find some interesting links. This resulted in a list of:

50 of My Favorite PBW Links

25 Reasons to Keep Writing ~ I can probably add another 25 to the list now, but the original is fun.
750 words ~ my thoughts on the daily writing motivation site.
Art vs. Life ~ a virtual workshop on keeping both of your lives in balance.
Becoming (an official) NYT bestseller ~ was it really back in 2008? Doesn't seem that long ago.
Bookmarks from Hell ~ where my joke about mixing Tylenol and wine originated.
Butterfly People ~ why can't I be more like the ladies in the art mags? This is why.
Cafe Temptation ~ more real than you would imagine.
Character Cards ~ a fun way to catalog your characters.
Chloroform + Arsenic + Hydroxide = Love ~ my kid's hilarious poem.
Character Palettes ~ how to use color to inspire your character construction.
Courage ~ on being a writer -- and valiant.
Da Winchy Code ~ the NYT doesn't mean to be funny, but . . .
Disenchanted & Co. ~ the blog I created for my new steampunk urban fantasy novel series for Pocket Star.
Domain Explained ~ who you have to talk to if you want my blog title for yourself.
Dream Called Time ~ the day I finished the StarDoc series.
Freebies ~ all my favorite free stuff on the internet.
Grill Babies ~ why you should always look inside first before you fire up the grill.
Hiveword ~ my thoughts on the online story organizer site.
Inconveniences ~ how to write, even when you can't.
Index Card Journal ~ how I turned a pack of ordinary index cards into a very different kind of journal.
John and Marcia ~ the adventures of my novel crash test dummies.
Left Behind & Loving It 2005 - 2009 ~ the online writing workshops I held every summer for four years.
Make Me a Supernovelist ~ writers on reality TV.
Mary Sue Anonymous ~ Genre vs. Literati via 12 step programs.
Mawked by Dawkness ~ brand name dropping in vampire novels.
Moon Called ~ another novel that I predicted would be a blockbuster (and then it was).
NaNoWriMo 2009 ~ this was the year I wrote the first draft of Disenchanted & Co.
Novel Outlining 101 ~ the most popular post of all time on PBW.
Past Perfection ~ the pasta sauce of writing.
PBWindow ~ my art experiment that turned into a blog (currently on hiatus, but soon to return)
Persuasion 101 ~ my daughter tries to persuade me to let her have the internet on her computer.
Pink ~ I'm over it now. Mostly.
Publishing 911 ~ the post that went so quickly viral we had to notify the CDC.
Reinventing the Bookmark ~ where my BookLoop originated.
Runaway Trains Part 1 and Part 2 ~ how to deal with those story ideas that hit you like a freight train.
Scene Focus ~ includes the luckiest photo shot I ever took in my life.
Seventh Sanctum ~ my favorite online writing generator site
Southern Fried Chicas ~ my favorite author group blog
Start to Finish ~ why I don't give up, even when I should.
Ten Things Authors Don't Want to Hear (But Frequently Do) ~ all true, sad to say.
Ten Things That May Indicate You're Writing a McNovel ~ another post that went viral on me.
Ten Things to Help Name Your Fictional Location ~ includes some of my favorite place name generators.
The Devil's Publishing Dictionary Part 1 and Part 2 ~ the second most popular pair of posts on PBW.
The Friday 20 ~ the years I spent answering questions every Friday on the blog.
The Last Samurai Agent ~ if you want to make your agent laugh, show them this.
The Paranormal Romance Novelist's Exam ~ funny because it is true.
The Presurfer ~ my favorite internet surfer's blog
The Third and the Seventh ~ my favorite video of all time.
The Year of Writing Dangerously, my resolution from 2008 which resulted in me writing Master of Shadows, for which I also designed the cover art.
Wordle ~ my favorite online word toy

I've also added the last prizes of the week to the Splendor tote:

Along with the Splendor tote, the winner will receive:

-- A signed print galley copy of His Lordship Possessed

-- A special $50.00 BookWish

-- Audio editions of all three of my Lords of the Darkyn novels

-- A pair of romantic black lace gloves from Victorian Trading (which are almost identical to the gloves Kit is wearing on the cover of Her Ladyship's Curse).

-- A signed hardcover copy of my SF standalone, Blade Dancer

-- A gorgeous red journal from Leathersmiths of London

-- A $50.00 e-gift card from Levenger

-- A lovely black and crystal "Make a Wish" pendant from Victorian Trading (very Torian in design, and looks a bit like Kit's pendant, too)

-- Signed copies of all four of my Kyndred novels

-- Signed copies of all seven of my original Darkyn series novels

-- A $50.00 gift certificate from Victorian Trading Co.

-- Signed paperback copies of all ten novels in the complete StarDoc series as well as Bio Rescue and Afterburn. Nearly all of these books are out of print now, and this is the last extra complete set of copies I have. For these reasons this will also be the last time I can sign a full set of StarDoc books for a giveaway.

-- Original steampunk anime artwork by Alaires, aka my daughter Kat, who is also my cover artist/designer for My Lord Mayhem. This is her portrait of Kit, Japanese chibi style, executed in copic marker, and it's really adorable.

-- New! A Lapgear Notebook & Tablet Stand lapdesk, to help keep your favorite device hands-free

-- New! A crystal serpent bracelet from Victorian Trading Co., very much like the one Kit borrows from Bridget in the novel.

If you'd like to win everything I'm giving away this week, all you have to do is help me spread the word about my new series. For details on how to do that, and to officially enter the giveaway, click here.

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