Friday, August 16, 2013

ID'ing the Dredmore Type

For all of you who might be involved with magical assassins, I have a piece over at Pocket Star's web site, XOXO After Dark, on how to tell if your guy is a deathmage.

I've also got more books and another shopping spree to add today to the Splendor tote:

Along with the Splendor tote, the winner will receive:

-- A signed print galley copy of His Lordship Possessed

-- A special $50.00 BookWish

-- Audio editions of all three of my Lords of the Darkyn novels

-- A pair of romantic black lace gloves from Victorian Trading (which are almost identical to the gloves Kit is wearing on the cover of Her Ladyship's Curse).

-- A signed hardcover copy of my SF standalone, Blade Dancer

-- A gorgeous red journal from Leathersmiths of London

-- A $50.00 e-gift card from Levenger

-- A lovely black and crystal "Make a Wish" pendant from Victorian Trading (very Torian in design, and looks a bit like Kit's pendant, too)

-- Signed copies of all four of my Kyndred novels

-- New! Signed copies of all seven of my original Darkyn series novels

-- New! A $50.00 gift certificate from Victorian Trading Co.

If you'd like to win everything I'm giving away this week, all you have to do is help me spread the word about my new series. For details on how to do that, and to officially enter the giveaway, click here.

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