Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Five Minutes

USA Today's Happily Ever After blog has a three-authors/three-things piece running today, and Her Ladyship's Curse and I are featured with trio of things about me that may (or may not) surprise you.

If I sound I bit terse in comparison to the other authors, it's because my publicist said "Be brief. Be very, very brief." and so I was.


  1. Wow, Lynn! You really were brief LOL. I think I remember you saying something about the lost dogs before and I knew you no longer watch TV, but really? Johnny Depp? I had no idea. Small world.

  2. I do come off sounding a bit short, don't I? Was not my intention at all -- I knew there would be very little space for my contribution, and I actually thought what I sent to the publicist might be too long, lol.

    I not only went to high school with Johnny Depp, my guy's brother lived next door to Johnny's sister for 20 years. :)

  3. Short and sweet is good.

    But, wait. I'm sorry. WHAT? Johnny Depp?

    1. Yeah, it's true. We weren't in the same class and had different social circles (I was a few years older) but I had a musician boyfriend who occasionally hung out with his band. And you should have seen my face the first time I saw an episode of 21 Jump Street, and there was Johnny from high school on TV.

  4. I was a little disappointed that you didn't share the fact that you seem to run a home for promiscuous birds. : )

    Johnny Depp? Why didn't I know that?

  5. I did a double-take over the Johnny Depp part, too - sheesh.

    Now that would be a combination. A screenplay from one of your books with Johnny Depp in it... who would he play?

  6. Fran K5:44 AM

    I think I'm more astounded by the TV thing than the Johnny Dep thing - does that make me weird? I don't watch an awful lot of TV either, but I haven't given it up completely. My kids tend to switch on as soon as they get up and it really annoys me. What's wrong with silence? or listening to the radio? or just talking to each other to catch up? Why does the blasted TV have to go on straight away, particularly when there is nothing on the 100 and odd channels we have access to, huh? Sorry, rant over... Johnny Dep - wow! Tell me, did he make girls swoon in school too? He's not really my ideal pin-up but he's got cute down pat and I can't help wondering if that was evident when he was younger or was he just another annoying spotty BOY?

  7. Anne V.12:01 PM

    I love Shawna's comment above! Who would write and direct said screenplay? Anyone out there enough of a fan to get this one the air? I'd definitely watch StarDoc the TV series!


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