Monday, October 15, 2012

Thunderbirds Ten

To be honest, I don't have a post ready for today because on Sunday I unplugged to spend time with my guy and our kid, which led to a spontaneous road trip, which resulted in us ending up in exactly the right spot at the precise time to see the USAF Thunderbirds perform.

Even better, I got some awesome pics:


  1. Fran K4:14 AM

    Wow! Fantastic pictures. Lucky you! I love the feel of power that reverberates up your body and lodges in your chest when the jet whooshes by low to the ground. Add in the sound and the effect is spine tingling.

    I'm the child of RAF parents, what we used to called a "scale-e" brat, and also ex-RAF myself, and I love air shows. Those jets look brilliant with the artwork on them and it really enhances the display. In the UK we have the "Red Arrows" and they're amazing too.

    You can't help but admire, and envy, the pilots who not only have the technical know-how but also the skill and cojones (excuse the language) to pull off those death defying manoeuvres. More power to them ..

  2. Beautiful pictures!!

    And glad you were able to have a great day off.

  3. Wow! even i have been to the airshow, it will be amazing and even this is awesome, some acts will be very surprising and shocking. I love to see air shows.


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