Thursday, October 04, 2012

More idea-ology

I made a trip to my local Jo-Ann's today for some fabric; I'm working on some tote bags to fill with books and goodies for my Nightbred promotions in November and December.  While I was there I also wandered by the aisle with Tim Holtz's idea-ology line so I could drool on the products a little more.  Now I'll have to write him a gushy fan letter, as I found two new items that went immediately into my shopping basket:

I have a thing for old pocket watch cases because they make wonderful holders for ephemera, and you can repurpose them into unique statement pieces and pendants.  The real thing tends to be expensive, though.  Even at thrift stores old pocket watches can run anywhere from twenty to fifty bucks.  On the real deal the watch crystal is almost always missing or badly scratched, and then you have to take them apart, which can get dicey.  Tim's pocket watch case looks like an antique, has a clear glass crystal, and the back pops off and snaps back on easily:

The best part is the price: idea-ology's pocket watch case regularly sells for $7.99, and I got mine on sale for $5.49.

I also love antique keys, and idea-ology is now offering a set of seven that not only look old but have inspirational words inscribed on them:

These word keys are going to make fabulous anchors for the series of steampunk BookLoops I'm working on.  $9.99 for the set regular price; I got mine on sale for $6.99, which makes them about a buck per key -- very affordable.


  1. The dreams key looks very cool. I wish I had more patience to go through craft stores. The local JoAnn's is like a WalMart superstore now and it's too big, too crowded and too understaffed to help me find anything. If I have to wait a half an hour to get some quilt fabric's not cool.

  2. Guess I'll be making a trip to JoAnn's this afternoon. Love those keys...

  3. Ooooh, I love his stuff, too! I have a set of those keys and my boyfriend has the pocketwatch, which he has not yet filled. Do you get your Jo-Ann's coupons via e-mail? I get those, plus Michael's. I mention it because I got a Michael's one today for 50% off, and Jo-Ann's takes those, also.



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