Monday, October 29, 2012

NaNoWriMo Countdown Ten

Ten Things to Help with NaNoWriMo

If you want to define a character's traits in 26 words, try my ABCharacter method.

Make a deck of character trading cards for the cast of your novel.

Registering for a free account with Evernote freeware can give you a handy online spot to store your bookmarks, research, notes and other story-related ephemera tidy.

Back in the days when we used to have an all-day writing Q&A every Friday here at PBW I created an index by category with links to all the visitor questions and my answers; one or more of these might answer some of yours.

To see what has changed since the last time you visited (or even to visit it for the first time) take a virtual tour of your real-life setting by using Google Maps with Street View.

To find a name for a character try this generator at, which you can customize by number of names, gender and nationality (terrific if you have characters from a variety of countries.)

Rev up your imagination by creating color palettes for your story and/or your characters.

Polyvore's online free editing tool can help you create collages of inspirational visuals for your characters, setting or other elements of your story; see my write-up on it here.

To warm up your fingers (and find out how fast you type) try taking a one-minute online typing test like this one.

Explore your story concept in cloud fashion with my method of Wordle Scribing.

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