Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tell Me What to Write Results

Thanks to everyone for joining in and casting your votes for what I'll be writing for NaNoWriMo 2012.  I've made the final count, and the results of the Tell Me What to Write Ten poll are as follows:
A - 5
B - 4
C - 1
D - 1
E - 10
F - 7
G - 13
H - 8
I - 4
J - 2

The idea that got the most votes was G, so I will be writing a Sci-fantasy in a near-future world overtaken and transformed by the vengeful spirits of ancient gods and monsters.  The working title for that one is Taken by Night.

Once November 1st arrives I'll begin writing the story and posting it online in two versions (first draft and edited draft) to show the actual daily process.  Once this goes live I'll have a permanent link on the sidebar to the stories blog so interested readers can follow along. 

For those of you who would like to see how I go about preparing to write a novel, during the next couple of weeks I'll be posting copies of all my advance work on my Google Docs account, which will include a formal synopsis, chapter outlines, everything I put in my novel notebook and so forth.  I'll also have links on the sidebar to those.


  1. That was my second choice, so I'm happy.

    1. I wish I could write them all -- but trying to juggle ten stories in a month, not such a good idea. :) I think you'll like this one, the world-building has been a blast.

  2. This is exciting. Can't wait to see what your process looks like while you're actually doing it. (Also can't wait to see what the vengeful spirits are going to do.)

    1. I hope by posting all my prep work online it will help other writers who want to get more into planning and organizing before writing. It really helps me write faster and cleaner.

  3. (This will be my third attempt to post this comment; my internet is giving trouble. If all three eventually show up, I apologize for the duplicates!)

    I am thinking about sharing my nanowrimo draft on an invitation-only wordpress blog in order to share my progress with my newsletter subscribers. I am worried about the possibility of plagiarism, though, sharing with people I don't necessarily know. Does plagiarism worry you at all, since you're sharing so much of your work online?

    1. Sorry you're having trouble with the comments, Kirra. Sometimes Blogger can be a pain.

      Plagiarism is always a concern when you put your work on the internet and allow anyone else to have access to it, especially now that anyone else can self-publish for free anything they want and sell it. We've already seen cases where plagiarists are publishing other writers' works verbatim, calling them their own and making money off them. My advice to other writers is always do everything you can to protect the work.

      The work I post online is made up of novels, novellas, short stories and other stuff that I've written specifically to give away for free to my readers. To my knowledge over the past eleven years no one has ever plagiarized any of my freebies and tried to sell it as their own work. Would be really stupid if they did, as I have no problem with taking them to court.

    2. I don't think I'm prepared for the possibility of taking someone to court, and I definitely want to pursue traditional publishing for this WIP, so I think I'm just gonna go with better safe than sorry for now, as much as I really want to share. Thank you so much for your input!


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