Monday, April 09, 2012

L’Odyssée Ten

Ten Things About L’Odyssée de Cartier

Advertising: Yes, it's an ad. An ad for luxury goods that you will probably never be able to afford. You won't care. I don't even wear jewelry and I didn't care.

Bejewelled: In the film diamonds explode, and creatures made of precious stones abound in a jewelled forest, but the show stopper is definitely the bracelet worn by Shalom Harlow, the model who plays The Lady in the Mansion. The one-of-a-kind piece features the iconic panther with onyx spots and emerald eyes, and a 51.58 carat green beryl.

Cartier Who?: Cartier is a French jeweler and watch maker. You sometimes see their ads in expensive fashion magazines. One of the Cartiers (Pierre, I believe) was famous for resetting the Hope Diamond. Cartier has also been in business for 165 years, and this is how they decided to celebrate that. Can I invite them to my next birthday party?

Dragon: Among other things, French special effects studio Digital District created a CG dragon made of gold and gems for the film.

Epic: The film was shot on locations in France, Spain and Italy.

Music: Pierre Adenot, the composer who wrote the score for the ad, conducted an 84-piece orchestra to perform the music. He's also something of a musical prodigy; at age 15 he wrote his first piece of music for film for Bruce Mallier's La Réussite.

Panthers: The panther is Cartier's house icon, and in the film they used three real, living ones.

Time: It took two years to film, score and produce the three-and-a-half minutes you see.

Watch: To see a better version of the full film, go to Cartier's web site and find it here.

What Bruno Aveillan said: "The only limit was our imagination."

Thanks to Gerard at The Presurfer for posting about this.


  1. Oh my word...left me speechless.

    Thanks for sharing that. Amazing.

  2. wow... they put more into that than some movie producers do, I bet.

  3. that was really awesome. I love Cartier. Will never have anything from there I'm sure. LOL. I went to their website once years ago and it was all in french. LOL


  4. Fran Kane9:31 AM

    Wow! 'Nuff said ..

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ren Benton9:57 AM

    I could have spent 30 minutes looking around that arboretum in greater depth. Stunning.

    And I don't even like jewelry.

  6. Breathtaking. The scenery, the music, the panther(s), the incredible jewelry.

    I really loved how the dragon turned into the Great Wall in China. Really awesome special effects.

  7. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Love the golden dragon! Very cool ad...



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