Friday, April 06, 2012

Don't Hate Hemingway For Writing So Pretty

It's true, Papa was no Samantha Brick*, but the man could tell a story. This mesmerizing stop-motion ingemination of his The Old Man and Sea takes show-don't-tell to a different dimension (and for those of you at work, it also has some background music):

the old man and the sea from Marcel Schindler on Vimeo.

*Yes, even I heard about it here at ye olde ivory tower.


  1. I love these videos where they film the creation of art and speed it up... so good!

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM


    I just found my 'Pick of the Week'

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great video, thanks for posting it. And too funny with the Brick comment.

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    That was almost hypnotic. Loved it


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