Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Test

The Emergency Blogger Hasn't a Clue system will now test the new Blogger posting screen for Paperback Writer.  Please standby as PBW begins the test.

I hate this.  What are all these stupid icons for?  What happened to using words?  Did everyone finally forget language and can only understand pictographs?  Must we all now blog like ancient Egyptians?  

Okay.  I'm calm.  I can do this.  If I can make a new paragraph.  Can I make a new paragraph?  Maybe I should type in that idiot pointy-bracketed P that was the only thing that worked last night.  Only I think I have to be in another screen.  Where is the hieroglyph for the other screen?  Let me try some of these.  No, that's insert image from Google's dumb image service that I don't use.  No, that's video upload.  I think.  Is that PacMan?  Why do I have a PacMan icon?

I can't do this.  Why should it be, you know, simple to use?  Why is there a five-second lag now everytime I type something?  The bastards are determined to make me relearn everything.  This is so stupid.  I can't find tags.  At all.  The big T with the little red x is not tags, btw; that much I figured out.  Because using the image of a T for Tags would be too confusing, right?  It's probably the PacMan thing.  Or not.  Everything is wrong, in the wrong place or has completely vanished.  Maybe.  The all-white screen is making me snowblind.

Image Test:

Does everyone see the birdie?  'Cause I sure don't.  I can't view the blog when I hit view the blog.

Link Test:

This is my photoblog, or should be, unless Google screwed that up as well.

Google, you suck.

Thank you, this concludes the test of the Emergency Blogger Hasn't a Clue system.  Had this been an actual emergency, your local writing community service would likely have sent you somewhere else until PBW stopped screaming in outrage or her head exploded, whichever came first.


  1. this is why i like wordpress. when they do updates, you barely notice and it's easy stuff.

    neener neener nee...ah.. never mind. that's not nice. yes. I saw the birdie.


    Shiloh, the good friend who will laugh with you...and tease you when you're having problems...

    1. I have been on Wordpress, back when I was doing the group blog, so I have gone there. It was worse than Blogger for me, but remember, I'm such a technoditz that I can't even use my daughter's smartphone to make a call. If it actually does that.

  2. ... uh, Shiloh beat me to it. was going to say that's why I use wordpress.

    Yes, there's a bird, and a link, and I'm resisting logging into one of my old blogger blogs just to see what they DID to it to have you in such a tizzy.

    1. Don't look, Shawna. You'll go blind.

  3. It took me a bit to adjust to Blogger after the changes. I still don't like it either, but I really don't feel like "shopping" around right now over a personal blog that has little traffic ... anyway, when I insert images, I switch to the HTML window, insert the image where I want it (using the icon), then switch back to compose. I've found that that's easier. They did the same thing with their email, switched to icons, and worse, "dissapearing" toolbars, which annoys me even more. I use Thunderbird whenever I need to check my gmail email accounts. Definitely NOT user friendly.

    1. I've adjusted to everything Blogger has thrown at me, but this, I don't know. Thanks for the tip on switching windows while putting together a post -- I didn't know one could do that.

  4. Lynn, If you click the cogwheel in the corner, there is an option to revert to the old layout. No idea how long that will be available though.

    Oh, and I saw the bird :).

    1. Mikaela, you have saved me. Thank you. You have no idea how grateful I am that you told me about this (and I probably would never have clicked on it, being terrified of what might happen.)

  5. Peggy8:42 AM

    I'm not a fan of their new and "improved" look in gmail, either. But I can see the bird. ... Can join you in giving them one, too, if you like.

    1. I've sent them three hate-mails in the last 24 hours, and I never hate-mail anyone.

  6. Heh, and I had a look at Wordpress after Blogger changed things again and found it much worse. I can't use my own template, the blog import screwed up every damn of my 500+ posts and put the photos in odd places, and it proved a pest to relocate them because WP has an odd mix of HTML and CSS code for their post skin .... no, I rather stay with Blogger as long as they allow me to keep and manually update my template, post in HTML, and don't force me to use the widgets and gadgets (what's the difference between those critters anyway).

    Though yes, the new dashboard does suck. It's slow and you always need to make two clicks where there had been one click before. Through the backdoor and the kitchen into the main hall, as my father uses to say.


    Okay, just needed to tell you that. ;o)

    I too am on WordPress. I thought about going back to Blogger, but WordPress just offered more, though I'm on a hosted site, not on the stuff. The free site didn't let me do just one thing that I wanted. Everything was good, but that one thing frustrated me, so I went to the .org option.

    If you're brave enough, you can come share my host anytime. I've got two domains left I can add...

    *big grin and encouraging smile*

  8. I see it!!!

    I use wordpress as well. It's far more intuitive. I have both a hosted site and a site. I'm not sure if you could transfer your blog if needed. I had to leave blogspot four or five changes ago. Everything was becoming too muddled.



  9. Yep, see the bird.

    I'm (sorta) used to the changes now, though switched to a new template recently and man, molasses moves faster on a cold day in Fargo then navigating around my blog these days. I investigated WP, but think if I give up on Blogger, I'll just get an actual website instead.

    It's so frustrating--and believe me, I know from bitter experience and lots of angry shouting at my laptop screen. Makes me wonder why they messed with something that didn't need fixing, but isn't that always the way..??

  10. Well I have been thinking of shutting down my blog anyway, and this change doesn't help. Publishing a post removed all the spacing in the post--it runs together and I don't have the time or patience to figure it out. Good luck with yours!! You have to stick with it because we all love your posts : )

  11. I noticed the "New layout in April" sign, and I looked at it. I HATED it. I've been dreading having to use it. I expect to be sending hate mail to Google, too, not that it will do any good. I stopped using their search after auto-suggestions couldn't be turned off. I even joined the "I hate auto-suggestions" thread in Google forums. Google didn't bother to post there, or tell us how to get rid of it - not a way that works, anyway.

    THANK YOU, Mikaela, for the cogwheel tip!

  12. If I've got my terminology right (and I may well not), then 'tags' is now 'labels' and found on the right hand side of the new post screen. I'm not a fan of the new layout. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and the previous layout was a good one (in my opinion). It's taken longer to figure this one out than it needed to be and the lack of words certainly didn't help.

  13. I send feedback constantly, does no good. My old, tired eyes don't do well with all that white with pastel colors. I need contrast.

    The tags are now labels over on the right with the luggage tag icon. Took me a while to find it and to remember to use it.

    And why can't I click to View My Blog when entering a post. I often need a link and there is no way on this page to see it. Ugh!

    Another thing is the amount of white space on the label pull-down on the edit post list (where I often add multiple tags at one time).

    Last rant, I used to use the HTML view a lot when copy/pasting from other sources so I'd lose the strange HTML codes. Worked fine, kept my paragraph spacing. Not any more...I have to add [br] codes to enforce the spacing. GRRRRR.....

    Okay, rant off....

  14. Donna,

    go to Options on the right side of the posting field and chose: Use line break (instead of < br > tag which is the default).


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