Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sub Ops 5

Apex Magazine webzine has a new editor, and is looking for dark speculative fiction. Length: up to 7.5K, Payment: 5¢/word. No reprints, electronic submission only, see guidelines for more details.

Humor site Cracked.com is looking for humorous pieces: "Cracked.com is one of the most popular comedy sites on planet Earth. If we feature your content, it will be seen by A LOT of people. We are very, very picky about what goes on the front page, but we'll give anybody a chance. If you're good, we'll pay you. We strive to publish every single great piece of content we get in. If you're a creative person and you can make stuff other people will like to read or watch, Cracked is an All-You-Can-Eat buffet." Length: varies. Payment: "Profit. Meaning, we pay you $50 per article starting out. Once you hit your fifth article, it goes up to $150. There is also a traffic bonus program that pays an extra $50 if your article finishes in the top 10 for the month in traffic." Submissions are pitched publicly via their bulletin board (for which submitting writers must sign up) and then is workshopped/critiqued, Sounds a lot like what Baen was doing with their subs; see guidelines page and related links for more details (and my thanks to Bill Peschel for the heads up on this market.)

Fender Stitch webzine is looking for fiction in all genres, Lenth: up to 4K (prefers 1-2.5K) Payment:: 5¢/word. No reprints, electronic submission only, see guidelines for more details.

The Friends of Merril Short Story Contest is now open; it's not stated but it looks like Spec Fic. The contest is not free, either, but the entry fee is $5.00 (CDN) so it's not horrible, and the money goes to their cause. Length: up to 4K. Prizes: First Prize: $350.00 (CDN) and 1 copy of the limited edition booklet containing the winning stories; Second Prize: $100.00 (CDN) and 1 copy etc.; Third Prize: $50.00 (CDN) and 1 copy etc. No reprints, electronic submissions okay, see contest guidelines for more details. Deadline: February 15, 2012

Woodland Press has an open call for their Hills of Fire antho, and is looking for: "...fictional pulp action stories in an Appalachian setting. Submitted stories should harken back to the square-jawed tales of Robert E. Howard, Dashiell Hammett, and Louis L'Amour. Stories can be set in any time period, but must take place in the Appalachian region. Stories involving mountain men, moonshine runners, lawmen, heists, wrestling, soldiers, and outlaws are highly encouraged. Addition of regional history and folklore is also advised. Complex characters should be equally mixed with solid plots and high octane excitement. Submissions should avoid popular action clichés and unflattering Appalachian stereotypes." Length: up to 2.5K. Payment: "five-cents per word (upon publication) plus contributor copy." No reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: June 30th, 2012.


  1. Thanks for the post!

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Thanks much for the mention.

    The contest is indeed taking only Spec Fic (F/SF/H, Magic Realism, Slipstream, etc.). We did actually state this in the "reading period is open" post in the following words:

    "The Friends of the Merril Collection are running a Speculative Fiction Short Story Contest."

    We wanted to avoid having people send work we couldn't consider. All those of us involved with the contest are writers and/or editors, so we've all been on the wrong side of nebulous sub guidelines :)

    Again, thank for the nod.


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