Thursday, November 03, 2011


Got a nice surprise today in the mail; my first look at the Thai edition of Heat of the Moment, one of my oop Jessica Hall novels:

Thai is a beautiful language, and I wish I could read it, but then, I already know the story.

Our blogpal Vanessa Jaye has a new release this week, Hunter of the Heart, which you can get at Samhain on sale here. If you've been a regular visitor to her blog, this is that wildly intriguing werewolf on a cruise ship story she mentioned awhile back that we were all crazy to read -- and now we can! My thanks to Raine for the heads-up.

Finally, here's a short video by Dmitris Ladopoulos that gives an interesting glimpse into the world of a working carpenter (warning for those who are also at work, includes background music):

The Carpenter from Dimitris Ladopoulos on Vimeo.


  1. Absolutely incredible cover!

  2. Hi Lynn, Apologies that this is OT... I love your books and am reading the Stardoc books in between Kyn and Kyndred releases, but have a few holes in the series. Will Endurance, Shockball and Rebel Ice be out as ebooks any time soon? I see they are OOP and would both rather have an ebook, and have the money I spend go to you rather than a 2nd hand dealer (nothing against them, but would rather support authors). thanks for any help. I'm loving Cherijo and want to read the series in order.

    Mary Jo

  3. That cover is really lovely.
    (and you're welcome!). :)

  4. Wow.

    I totally missed this. Thank you for the shout out, Lynn! :) (& Ms Raine I already thanked you for your little surprise too, but here's another thank you.)

    As for the cover, very beautiful/eye-catching imagery and well suited to the book.

  5. It was a slightly jarring moment to see Thai letters on your post. I'm Thai, by the way, so I can do a literal translation if you like of the title. :)

    The title contains 4 words -- 2 that are pink, one that is in white, one in yellow. (The second word in pink starts with the letter that looks like an English 'S'.)

    The words are:

    Pluerng -- Fire/Flame
    Ron (a long 'o' sound like the word 'on') -- Hot
    Son (a long 'o' sound like the word 'on') -- Hidden
    Rahk -- Love

    We put adjectives behind the noun (instead of in front). So literally translated, it's:

    Hot Flame, Hidden Love


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