Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hodge Podge

For you NaNoWriMoers, author Kris Reisz has a great post up about writing, creativity, and one of a writer's most valuable skills: persistance.

Seventh Sanctum has a fun new generator that gives you a description of a pony. Not impressed? But it's not just a pony, it's a magical legend pony.

A StarDoc reader sent me this link to a ceramic sculpture of the Lok-Teel by TheFinalHikari. It's not only adorable, it's also quite accurate to how I've always envisioned my helpful little mold.


  1. The Lok-Teel really is adorable. There are so many talented people on Deviant Art, makes for a long day when I start browsing.

    I loved yesterday's spamcam btw. I'm still recouping from the conference or I'd have commented there.

  2. Let's try adding this comment again (Chrome ate it first time around). So now I have to feel guilty for letting a magical pony generator eat up a hefty chunk of my #nanowrimo writing time...


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