Monday, March 07, 2011

Sub Ops Ten

Ten Things About Submission Opportunities

Save your stamps, SF short story writers, as Analog magazine now accepts (and prefers) electronic submissions. They are also issuing a "submission ticket number" that allows the author to track the status of their story.

Auriga Press is looking for science fiction or fantacy novels to publish as e-books, and notes: "Please make sure your work is either science fiction or fantasy. Most horror can be classed as dark fantasy, but if you feel your work is pure horror then we’re not likely to publish it. Likewise, we are not likely to publish any other genre of novel that is wrapped inside a fantasy or sci-fi setting." Length: "At the moment, we are looking primarily for novels of 100,000 words or more. If you have yet to have a novel published, then your novel must be completed at the time of submission. If your novel is the first in a trilogy (or other set), the entire story does not have to be finished, but the first 100,000 words must be. This is so that we can be sure you have the ability to finish what you start." Payment: negotiable advance + 50% net. Reprints okay, electronic submission only via online form, see guidelines page for more details.

Del Rey is temporarily open to unagented submissions via their Suvudu editorial review contest, details of which can be found here. What they're looking for: "a work of speculative adult fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror or paranormal romance) from 50,000 to 150,000 words in length." One grand prize winner will receive a full edit from Editor Betsy Mitchell along with a bunch of books, and (possibly) a chance to publish the winning ms. with these folks. [If you are tempted to enter this one, be sure to read every single word on the contest page as there are lots of terms and restrictions involved.] Deadline: midnight EST, March 18, 2011.

Alliteration Ink has an open call for The Crimson Pact Vol. II, and would like to see "stories based thematically on the loose frame of "The Crimson Pact" [link to TCP theme & details provided]. "We are concerned about quality of the story first, then only secondarily about fitting it in the frame. Our editor has to earn their fame and glory somehow, right?" Whatever you say, sweetie. Length: up to 1K, Payment: $10.00, no reprints, electronic submission only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: June 6, 2011.

Darwin's Evolutions is shifting their focus from webzine to antho publishing, and has an open call for what sounds like a series of anthos: "Our target anthology length is 120,000+ words. The number of stories in each collection will be at most twelve. Release of an anthology will occur within three months of acceptance of the final story for a collection. What we are looking for in terms of content is stories that are entertaining to read and that will leave the customer feeling glad they invested their time and treasure in acquiring our product. Entertainment is the key word, here. If the story is entertaining with an engaging plot, solid character development, and has a conclusive, fitting ending, then it’s what we want. We will consider any story belonging to the broad classifications of Science Fiction or Fantasy." Length 7.5-40K; Payment $50.00 +shared royalty, no reprints, electronic submission via online form only, see guidelines page for more details. No deadline listed.

Plainswede Press has a rather interesting open call for their Live Free or Die, Die, Die! antho, and wants to see "twisted tales of hardboiled detectives, femme fatales and two-bit thugs in a style inspired by the classic pulp fiction of the early 20th century" with a catch, on which I'll quote the editor: "It’s got to be set in New Hampshire and it’s got to be have that special atmosphere you find only here." [I shine you not; I pulled this straight from the guidelines.] Length up to 8K (firm on this), Payment: $50.00 + copy, reprints okay, electronic submissions okay, see guidelines page for more details.

Pseudopod, the "world's premier horror fiction podcast" has a new editor and is now open to submissions. Length: fic=2-6k, flash=<1k (sometime buys 1-2k). Payment: $100.00 (flash=$20.00). Reprints okay, electronic submissions only, check out the link in Ralan's listing here for more details.

Samhain Publishing is now accepting novel submissions for their horror line: "We are actively seeking talented writers who can tell an exciting, dramatic and frightening story, and who are eager to promote their work and build their community of readers. We are looking for novels—either supernatural or non-supernatural, contemporary or historical—that are original and compelling. Authors can be previously unpublished or established, agented or un-agented. Content can range from subtle and unsettling to gory and shocking. The writing is what counts." [Ah, I want to hug whoever wrote this.] Length: "Between 12,000 and 100,000 words, for print eligibility minimum 50,000." Payment: "royalties of 40% of the cover price on single-author ebooks sold directly through Samhain, 30% of the cover price on single-author ebooks sold through third-party vendors such as Mobipocket, Fictionwise and All Romance eBooks, and 8% of the cover price on single-author print books, with a 3% reserve against returns. Multiple-author books will split the above royalty percentages equally."

Shadowgate Magazine is "currently accepting submissions for our April issue. We accept all science fiction types, steampunk and cyberpunk, and poetry. As well, if you have stories of alien abductions or interesting sightings we would love to hear them and would pay to feature them if it’s what we’re looking for." Length: .5-4K, Payment: $6.00 + copy, no reprints, electronic submission only, see guidelines page for more details.

Voluted Tales magazines "publishes six monthly editions, spread across the month. These include Voluted Tales General edition, Voluted Tales Themed edition, Voluted Tales Serials edition, Voluted Tales YA edition, Voluted Tales Paranormal Romance Edition and Voluted Tales Noir Thriller Edition. Voluted Tales Magazines is looking for stories and artwork which cover the entire spectrum of speculative and Noir fiction in all of of their different genres and sub-genres. Do not send query letters, just make the submission." [Hookay.] What they are looking for: "Submissions must be of an original and creative nature, no fan-fic; avoid cliches and tired ideas. Humorous and ʻquirkyʼ tales are welcome, but they must make clear sense, not so ʻout thereʼ and experimental that readers canʼt understand them. Save those works for the writerʼs sites. We accept poetry and articles, but these must be speculative poems of some form, and articles dealing with the spec fic genres in some way. We also welcome author/writer/artist interviews, or interviews of figures in the spec fic publishing trade generally. Anyone wishing to be interviewed, perhaps with a novel to promote, please contact the editor." Length: less than 8k (longer serilized), Payment: ½¢/word ($10.00 min). Reprints: "yes, if informed", electronic submissions only, see guidelines page for more details.

Nearly all of the above submission oppportunities were found among the many marvelous market listings at


  1. Thanks for boosting the signal on our call for submissions! The first volume will be coming out on the 20th of March, so I'm really excited that Paul Genesse - the editor for the project - is already pumped up enough to be thinking about the next anthology. (I'm excited enough that I have to refrain from too many exclamation points!)

  2. Really good listing! I appreciate it!

  3. Great listings! Thanks for posting the opportunities!

  4. Thanks for listing us up at the top. Looking forward to hearing from your readers :-)


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