Saturday, March 12, 2011


As many of you know, our blogpal author Nadia Lee lives in Japan. I've been in touch with her via e-mail, and I am quite happy and relieved to report that she and her family are okay. She's also just posted more details about the situation there in an update on her blog.

This morning I finally got a clear shot of the mourning dove who decided to nest in one of my poinsettias (click on any image to see larger version):

Naturally while she was in the tree we decided to take a peek in the nest and see how her eggs are doing. Only they're no longer eggs:

I'll guess they hatched sometime late yesterday or last night, as they are tiny and still a bit egg-shaped:

Now we just need to explain (again) to our UPS guy why we'd like him to leave our packages by the garage door for the next three weeks.

My thanks to the Powers That Be for providing so many blessings this week.


  1. Thank you, Lynn!

    And thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. :-) The baby birds look soooo cute and adorable!

  2. I was relieved to hear Nadia was okay almost as soon as I heard about the quake. For those who weren't as fortunate, it sounds like a lot of aid is on the way, and I'm glad for that.

    What cute, fluffy babies! I'm sure the UPS guy will understand.

  3. Ohhh, the little babies are so cute!! I love baby animals :D

  4. Fluffy little birds again? Lol, there must be an ads for your garden in the Bird News. :)

  5. helen9:34 PM

    The photograph of the dove is the most beautiful you have posted, simply stunning, the flowering tree in the background and the subtle gray tones from the dove and the mottled light are lovely.


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