Wednesday, March 02, 2011


For a chance to win my latest giveaway, aka this lovely Fight Evil Read Books tote and all three Kyndred novels (signed by Yours Truly) you have to leave me now and head over toThe Romance Reviews, where the very nice folks there have posted an interview with me about Frostfire, the Kyndred books and some of my upcoming new releases.

This interview includes some stuff that I rarely talk about, and one thing I've never mentioned, so check it out before it ends up on WikiLeaks. I will also be stopping in to read comments, answer questions and generally be a pest.

You can find the interview here, and the contest page here. TRR will also be running the contest for the entire month of March. Which is also their Grand Opening month, so if you want to join the part, check out this page. and from the front page it looks like they're giving away all kinds of stuff, including a nice bunch of gift cards.


  1. Keita Haruka10:44 AM

    Steampunk? Wow...okay. I never saw that one coming. :p May I humbly beg for cyberpunk too? ;-) I'll grovel and kiss your feet every day. I promissed myself I would never read steampunk...*kisses that promise goodbye and books a ticket straight to hell* :D

  2. I didn't see steampunk coming either but it does make sense. And I should warn you that I'm crossing everything that the e-books for fans will be Kyn books. (Richard. Richard. Richard.)

  3. Me too. Still hoping for Eliane and Richard's story.

    I'm sorry to hear about your eye. I hope it's much better now.

  4. I'm in love with the Kyndred books and don't want them to end! Nooooooo! But I am looking forward to your ebooks and YA novel.


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