Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off to Play Parent

I'm not here today. I'm actually here:

Right down there in the middle. Can't miss me. I'm the only adult who isn't wearing a green wig, pink hot pants and platform combat boots. [Note to self: pick up the dry cleaning when I get back.]

Before anyone yells at me, I'm not at this thing in any official capacity; just being a mom, chauffeur and chaperon. Originally my guy was supposed to take care of this, but at the last minute he had to work.

Be good while I'm gone, and I'll bring back something neat to give away.


  1. clairecherven10:36 AM

    I saw you! I saw you! You're the one in the pink wig, green hot pants and the high-top pink sneakers! Better you than me; I don't look good in pink!

  2. Are you seriously at MegaCon? My husband is kicking himself for not being able to go this year.

  3. Hope you bring back buckets of inspiration and experiences.


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