Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Diana Norman

We've lost another gifted author this past week; Diana Norman, who also wrote as Ariana Franklin, passed away last Thursday after a serious illness.

After reading Ms. Norman's novel City of Shadows I hunted down everything she had in print. Her Mistress of the Art of Death is one of only two audio books I keep permanently in my car because I never get tired of hearing the story.

I also deeply admired the lady's gift for story, and a few years ago had the chance to discuss some questions about it with author Rosina Lippi right before she interviewed Ms. Norman. Rosina has just reposted it over on her blog here as a memorial.

Safe journey, Diana.


  1. I have loved all four of her Mistress of the Art of Death books and recommend them all the time. I was looking forward to more books by this author. She will be missed. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. On Rosina's recommendation I began to read her stories and couldn't stop. Sorry to learn of her passing.

  3. I read that she had just completed her last book. The family is hoping to get it published posthumously (sp)?. I will miss her.


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