Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone is keeping warm and enjoying their holidays. Our college kid made it home Christmas Eve night, which was all my guy and I wanted from Santa. The next day was quiet but relaxing, with the weather keeping us all inside to hang out with the kids, play with the dogs and take naps on the couch. We expect to do the same today, so it's been pretty much the perfect Christmas at Casa PBW.

We finally found something our fearless and feisty new pup is afraid of: wearing jingle bells. Because I'm becoming that classic old lady who dresses her pets, I got a little velvet collar with tiny bells to put around the puppy's neck (Cole got a more manly John Deere neck scarf.) Skye skittered around, tail between her legs, until finally she crawled onto my daughter's lap and refused to budge. So now I have a very nice velvet and bells ornament for the tree.

Cole has been missing his friend, the neighbor's toy poodle (earlier this year she went to live with her brother at their grandparents) so we found a little stuffed replica of her for him. I thought he might have forgotten her, but no, he carried the poodle around with him all day and even curled up with it last night.

What I didn't expect to find in my stocking was a shiny new 20" monitor for my work computer, which will allow me to see everything on the screen without scrolling back and forth (and replaces the monitor I've been using for the last six years, which was six inches smaller.) This will also be invaluable now that I have to do all my copy-edits electronically, as I can see the page and the editor's comments at the same time without reducing the size of the page. My guy also gave me a beautiful new steel filing cabinet, which sounds dull but for me is the same as getting a diamond bracelet is for other women.

The biggest chuckle of the day came from my mom, who is spending Christmas with my sister and her family. I groaned as soon as I unwrapped it and saw the color of the T-shirt she sent as my gift; she is determined to get me over my hatred of pink. Then I unfolded it and laughed along with everyone else at the caption on the front:

Did Santa surprise you this year? Let us know in comments.


  1. Glad that you got your wish. And a new monitor!?! Nice.

    No surprises, but we celebrated with lots of southwestern food (tamales, beans, posole, spanish rice, chili, sopapaillas) and lots of extended family time. Speaking of which, time to go spend more time with my little ones.

    Here's to the ongoing celebrations!

  2. That monitor is an awesome gift that will keep on giving every time you use it.

    I was surprised with something I've coveted for more than 2 years, Munchkin Cthulhu. There will be raiding and looting and possibly cult activity in the New Year!

  3. No surprises for me, really. My family requires that I make a list so it's usually just me wondering what items from the list I'm going to get. My company did give all of the employees gift cards for Christmas; it was much more than I'd expected so I got to preorder lots of 2011 books I want!

  4. Merry Christmas!

    If you happen to see Santa please let him know I want a new monitor, too. AND one of those T-shirts.



    ps. my dogs violently dislike all things that ring - doorbells, sleighbells, bells on anklets, bells on their collars... poor babies, lol

  5. Happy Holidays, Lynn! Your puppy is absolutely adorable. Congrats on getting a new monitor! It is quite nice.

    Glad you had a good Christmas!


  6. A puppy with his own stuffed animal? Adorable.

    There were a lot of books under the tree and my birthday is in two more days and there are a bunch of book-shaped birthday gifts waiting for me so I am a very, very, very happy girl right now.

  7. No surprises here except the 6 inches of snow. However, I love it when a person gets a present something like your filing cabinet. Everyone looks at them like they're crazy, but you love it. My mom got an outhouse for her birthday one year. She was thrilled, but all her friends thought she was nuts. But it beat hiding behind bushes on the property they were fixing up.

  8. Merry Christmas Lynn! Love the t-shirt. I really should strive harder to be that kind of woman.

    For Christmas I got You (and Mary Jo Putney and Jo Beverly and lots of other favs) on a brand new Kindle. Wow, I was not expecting that. Dear Hubby said he wasn't sure I'd like it (I'm a gotta-touch-the-paper type) but I've spent the last two days curled up with Rebecca, Reese, Rowen and Jean-Marc. A Merry Christmas, indeed.


  9. I want that shirt!

  10. Wow! That monitor is just awesome! And people wonder why I'm excited when I get a new washing machine for's all relative.

    One of Santa's elves brought me a wonderful unexpected gift which was just what I needed when it came. It was one of those weeks.

    Beyond that, the two tickets to Wicked in Chicago will suit me for now. I just need to figure out who to take.


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