Friday, July 23, 2010


Those of you who live in the affected areas should keep an eye on the latest updates from the National Hurricane Center on Tropical Storm Bonnie. It would hit during the only week each year that my guy and the kids decide to go fishing in the Keys, but fortunately we have a lot of family down there, and they're also in a good spot to wait out the storm today.

A few people have e-mailed to ask what I will be doing during RWA Nat'l Conference next week. Obviously, I'm not going to it. I also decided last year to stop hosting LB&LI, but I know a lot of other blogs and sites will be having virtual workshops and stuff for those who are left behind. If anyone wants to share some links to free online events, please feel free to post them in comments.

Lately a lot of visitors have been stopping in to ask about future Darkyn books. At present there are none under contract; I finished the original seven-novel series with Stay the Night. My publisher presently has me writing Kyndred novels, and I have no desire to try to juggle two series in the same genre (assuming I could even sell them.) That said, I will continue to write Darkyn stories in my spare time for my readers; the next Darkyn free e-book will be Chrysalis, which I think I'll be able to finish once I get my kid off to college and life settles down a bit.


  1. Hope they ride out the weather and get to do some fishing.

    For those not going to RWA Nat'l, Alison Kent is hosting a round of The Artist's Way, good timing for those who are staying home to kick their creative drive into gear.

  2. I found a Dream Called Time yesterday at my local Books a Million. So looking forward to reading it.

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Ooh, ooh! I saw something about Chrysalis! YAY! Of course, get your child off to school first. I can wait! I'll be dancing around on my toes until then!

  4. This isn't taking place next week, but this is a free event in August:

  5. " settles down a bit"

    This seems like one of those inobtainable things, you know. I keep telling myself... "when life settles down."

    Just when does that happen?

  6. @Shiloh - when someone schedules it, please let me know. I want my fair share.

  7. Delores Lee5:25 PM

    I am keeping my fingers cross that eventually there will be other "Darkyn" books. I have purchased the "Kyndred" novels but have not begun reading them. Though, I enjoy and appreciate your writing the free e-books, I would love to have more traditional books. But being that I am hooked I will read these books any way I can get them. Thanks for your commitment to your readers. Good luck with the getting your son off to college. I have been there twice and it is a job and a very fulfilling moment.

  8. "...(assuming I could even sell them)"
    As if you couldn't. But I am grateful for the freebies. Thank you.

  9. Thank you Lynn! How ever long it takes, I'll wait.



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