Saturday, July 24, 2010

52% Chick

Perverse and surly wretch that I am, I decided to hunt around and see if I could find some online writing analyzers to play with that would not attract with pitchfork and torch crowd. There are a few of them out there that are fun, and a couple that are actually useful for editing purposes.

For a example, I fed a chapter from my current WIP into Christopher Park's Manuscript Analyzer and discovered that out of 3,757 total words I had 1,107 distinct words, 32 possible adverbs, 139 frequent offenders (words that are overused and/or need to be weeded out.) I really like this widget; it gives me lists I can sort and filter as needed.

I also ran it through this Test Document Readability online widget and found out among other things that the number of years of formal education that a person requires in order to easily understand the text on the first reading via Gunning Fog index is: 9.58 (basically, a tenth grader.)

The fun generators got into kind of an argument over my writing, though. The Genderanalyzer says my blog is gender-neutral (which makes me ridiculously proud) but that I'm probably a woman:

On the other hand, when analyzing a chapter from the WIP The Gender Genie is convinced I'm a guy:

I admit, I'm female. At least 52% of me is. All those rumors about me being male/female/alien are too much fun to completely dispell.

Finally, I tried running PBW through the SEO Analysis Tool (scroll down on page), and among a lot of neat info discovered this:

Title Tag

Title: Paperback Writer

The title tag contains 16 characters which is perfect.

The title tag relevancy to the page content is 100% which is perfect.

I keep telling people PBW is perfect, but they never listen . . . .


  1. The results Christoper M Park's Analyzer gave me for the first chapter of my wip is:

    4,145 total words,
    1,128 distinct words,
    56 possible adverbs,
    163 frequent offenders

    Number of years of formal education needed to understand text according to Test Document Readability: 8.47.

    These were fun to look at. I especially like the "list of sentences" they provide for me to consider rewriting. That may come in handy. Though, I must wonder how seriously I should take those suggestions.

  2. I'm sure your husband appreciates the fact that you're probably a woman. At least the 52% of you that matters. He could watch a game and have a beer with the other 48%.

  3. Gender Analyzer gave me 51% male.

    The Gender Genie gave me
    Female Score: 631
    Male Score: 730

    My title tag length and relevancy were "perfect" - though that response on relevancy has me wondering how they figure that.

  4. Genderanalyzer has got me at 68% woman. I wonder what my husband thinks of the other 32%. LOL

    And according to the SEO analyzer, my blog is perfect, too. Yay me. =o)

    That Manuscript Analyzer looks like an awesome tool. Thanks, Lynn. I'll definitely be messing around with that for a while.

  5. Oh, to be thought perfect!

    I'll need to check these out this week.

  6. PBW is perfect. At least 52%. *ggg*

  7. Does that mean the other 48% is Kyndred? It's what I always suspected.

  8. My blog came in at 69% female.

    and a sizeable cunk of my WIp

    Female Score: 27953
    Male Score: 26315

    The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

    Now I wonder why i have to shave so often.

  9. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Just dropping by to say.... Look at what I FINALLY got today! I can't wait to start it!

  10. Perfect is good! I'm afraid of what it might tell me, so I think I'll just stick with living vicariously through you and the other commenters here. ;)

  11. Have you ever tried It's a site that analyzes who you write like. (I got Stephen King, btw. Oh joy!)


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