Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your Site Rocks -- Literally

If you've ever wondered how your blog would sound as a song, you should try feeding it to Simply type in the URL of your blog, web site or anyplace, and your content will be translated into a piece of music, which the site will create using a complex algorithm, and then it plays the song for you.

I liked the one it generated for PBW; reminded me of all that glam-rock we used to listen to back in the eighties. The song it made for the photoblog had a faster beat, but the notes that played sounded just like crickets (is that bad, I wonder?)

(Thanks to Gerard over at The Presurfer, from whom I nicked the link.)

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  1. My drummer bashes the cymbals at odd intervals. Other than that, it doesn't sound too bad.


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