Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh, Man

Just a quick heads-up for anyone who wants to read an early copy of Dreamveil, my second Kyndred novel due out in June: there will be a chance to win a signed galley along with a copy of Shadowlight some time during author Amie Stuart's 14 Days of Love at her blog.

Also, for those of you in need of some no-cost e-reads, Suvudu has put up some new freebies for February: Elizabeth Moon's Sheepfarmer's Daughter; City of the Dog by John Langan and two short stories by Kelly Meding.

Now onto our regularly scheduled blog post:

The minute I saw this, I thought "Marjorie!"* I'd have bought it and shipped it to her, but I think it's tough to find a place around the house to park a quarter-ton concrete gargoyle, too. She'd probably never speak to me again.

Do you ever see things when you're out and about that make you instantly think of other writers and/or their work?

*If you want to know why, you have to read this marvelous book.


  1. That's a gorgeous gargoyle! I love him. Yes, I see things that make me think of other writers, although nothing that weighty. *g*

  2. Marjorie Liu4:41 AM

    Ha! Thanks for thinking of me. :-)

  3. Love the gargoyle! He's awesome and I wish he was mine. I think the shipping might get a bit expensive though.

    Marjorie, or Lynn, are the books in that series fairly stand alone? Or would I have to start at the beginning?

  4. I love gargoyles and he's a beaut.

    Sensational Haiku Wednesday

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Everyday work in the lab calls Stardoc daydreams to my mind =)

    Would it also be silly to say that every now and then I'll be watching a movie or series and think to myself.. "They'd make an awesome (insert Stardoc character name here) for a movie or series..." ? I just sigh and continue dreaming..

  6. That gargoyle is awesome. Way better than a garden gnome. Those things are scary.


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