Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sure Genius

Some of you might remember last year when I took The Blog Readability Test, which is supposed to determine how smart your visitors have to be to understand your weblog. PBW came in at College Undergrad, which made us all co-eds.

Apparently we've gotten a little smarter:

blog readability test

I just hope next year the results don't drop to like kindergarten or something.

Now, so as not to entirely waste your time this morning, I have some links -- when you have a chance, do check out these two very cool holiday contests elsewhere:

Samhain editor Angela James is really getting into the holiday spirit by giving away over $1500.00 in prizes, including: "2 Kindles, a Vera Bradley purse, gift certificates, books and more." See entry requirements and related details at Angela's blog here. And hey, someone at Samhain, give this girl a raise, will you?

Mega-group blog Access Romance is having daily contests for the entire month of December. Books, goody bags, gift certificates -- you name it, they're probably giving it away. Check out the full list of prizes here, and the holiday contest rules here.

There are also some holiday surprises and giveaways in the works here at PBW. Stay tuned for details, to be posted very shortly....


  1. I think it's because your readers are so smart *wink*

  2. Thanks for the plug (for the contest and for the raise!)

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    We're college co-eds? w00t! Crack open the keg and lets partay!!

  4. Someone else, I think it was Janet Reid, said her blog was genius too, but she didn't know why.

    Maybe it's like grade inflation. What used to be "c" work is now considered "a." Or maybe it's like Lake Wobegon, where all the children are above average.

    Are there even blogs out there written at a kindergarten level? Would anyone want to read them?

  5. I definitely feel smarter after reading your blog...

  6. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Man, my blog is elementary school.

    I don't know whether to be insulted or amused...

  7. Mine is elementary school, too. I wonder what the criteria are?


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