Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adobe eReader Info

It took me most of the day, but I have the info for those of you who would like to download Master of Shadows from the Penguin USA site in Adobe format to be read on your computer.

The Adobe format of my e-book does require a different program than Adobe Reader to be installed on your computer before you try to download the e-book (if you've already tried and it doesn't work, like me, you can also install the program after and do a download again from the links in your Penguin Smart Receipt page.) The name of the program is Adobe Digital Editions, and it can be downloaded for free here.

If you are not already registered with Adobe as a member, you will also need to go here to creat an ID and password. After it has downloaded, Adobe Digital Editions prompts you for an Adobe ID and password, which must be entered for activation of the program.

I have successfully downloaded two Adobe e-books from the Penguin USA site to make sure it works, and both my e-book and another author's came through fine.

(Thanks to Dunabit/Lyn for bringing this to my attention.)


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Now, we just wait for the Linux community to release a DRM-able e-book reader aswell...

  2. I also downloaded the Adobe version along with the Adobe Digital Editions software (for free). Worked just fine, and now I have some good reading to do this weekend. And I'm on a Mac, so it works on this platform as well as a PC.

  3. Thanks for the head's up on this.

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Thanks for looking into the ereader issue. I ended up with the Adobe version (both yours and Patricia's - yay). I worried at first that I'd have to download the ebook each time I opened it (meaning I'd have to have connectivity every time), but that doesn't seem to be true. It opens, and looks for the valid license, but still displays the book if I'm not connected.

    So yay.

    I can imagine that ebooks might be the trend for publishers in the new economy -- it cuts the distributors and printers from the equation.



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