Saturday, December 01, 2007

Palm Ten

Ten Things for Your Palm OS Device

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. Jazzyhat Lee's 1year will show you the entire calendar year (including holidays and your tagged days) in one shot; great for getting a fast handle of what's ahead for the year. (59KB)

2.'s ClickClock is simple, uncluttered and clean -- just a clock, and nothing but a clock -- which is useful for those of us who simply want to see how late we are for whatever. (9KB)

3. Steve Held's ClipboardDoc turns the text on your system's Clipboard into a .doc file with a single click. (63KB)

4. Handcase's Handwriter is an "editor of long texts with resources of organization of texts in folder and alphabetical order - A to Z or Z to A." (64KB)

5. Life As I See It is a simple but powerful daily journaling program. (30KB)

6. Andrew Low's List is a simple database program that works on all Palm devices; has third party companion programs available, too. (96KB)

7. Max Vlasov's ReadThemAll freeware is an auto-scrolling document reader for Palm-powered handhelds. (34KB)

8.'s rheaDER is a "free Palm PDA eBook reader. Easy-to-use and supporting multiple eBook databases it is an extremely handy reading tool while on the go." (389KB)

9. Peter Thorstenson describes his tejpWriter 3.50 freeware as "a text editor for writers on the move . . . Now with integrated viewer of formatted text, a virtually unlimited clipboard, a 32 steps Undo, thumbboard, version control, external keyboard support, word count meter, typing rate meter, AES encryption, HTML 4.01 export." (394KB)

10. Roderick Young's Zdocj is a simple text editor freeware for DOC-format files. Good for editing chapters, short stories, blog posts, and other short pieces (48KB; does not work on all Palm devices.)

All of the above links were found while snooping around at

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