Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One E-Story

On Christmas Day, PBW gave to me:

The Sequel to Worthy

Willing by Lynn Viehl (.pdf format, click on link to download)

Merry Christmas to everyone.


  1. Squee! Thank you, PBW. And have a very merry Christmas.

  2. Thank you kindly.

    In a similar spirit, her's my Yule gift to all the readers of my blog, though not in the same league as yours, obviously.

    "Abaddon Rising," my new book of poetry is available HERE for FREE download or paperback printing at cost (I take no revenue from it at all). It actually costs about £10 for printing and postage to the UK - I don't know about other countries. If you do order a copy - either free download or paid printing, or even if you just click the link to look at the pretty cover, please click on the rating and give me a few stars.

  3. Lynn, you rock! --love the sequel (what a nice surprise).

    Merry Christmas, chica!!

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Thank you so much for the gift!

    Merry Christmas, Ms. Viehl. May the good Lord bless you and yours. May the New Year be one of personal discovery and happiness. May your muse remain eagerly fruitful!


  5. Free Book -- cool!

    Thanks, Santa.

    Merry Christmas, All.

  6. Thanks so much Lynn! What a delightful Christmas morning surprise. Love your e-books. EVERY word counts.

  7. I really hope these three are getting a whole book. *fingers crossed*

  8. Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Xmas!

    I've not been around your blog much lately, because now is the timing of doing (if you see what I mean). But you continue to be a role model and inspiration...


  10. Thanks so much Lynn. Have a merry one too!!

  11. Merry Christmas, Lynn!

  12. Dear Lynn,

    I have been reading your blog regularly but this is the next time I'm commenting on it. Reading your blog has been a ritual for me and I want to thank you for all the happiness you've given to me.

    At this time, I want to take the opportunity to give you my heartfelt wishes for Christmas and wish you a great New Year ahead.

    May all your dreams come true :-)

    My Positivity Blog

  13. Anonymous10:10 PM

    I had never read Worthy until you put up that link, but both stories are awesome! I love the characters, and seeing Samantha, Lucan, and Rafael again.

  14. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Merry Christmas PBW and thank you for the generous gift. *hugs* I hope your Holiday season is a wonderful one.

  15. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  16. I really appreciate you guys stopping in and leaving the very kind words and warm wishes. I also know I left you all hanging a little with the ending to Willing, but I'm presently finishing up the third story in the Juliana/Neal/Shamaras trilogy. The title for that one will be Wanted, and I hope to have it ready to post by New Year's Eve.

    Rachel, thanks for passing along the link to Abbadon Rising. Poetry is always a gift, and I look forward to reading yours.

  17. Anonymous12:20 AM

    oh, excellent gift. I love those kinds of gifts.

    PBW, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  18. A belated Merry Christmas, Lynn, and thank you for the story--loved it!

    Definitely wanting "Wanted" now, lol.

  19. This is the bestest Christmas ever! Thank you! :D

  20. Oh, thank God there's more! I was dying at the end, there. "Noooo, that can't be all..." What a great New Year present to look forward to! It is certainly Wanted. *g*

    Oh, and if you like poetry, I've been inflicting mine on the world every Monday. Bwaha. Last week I wrote a sonnet for my cat.


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