Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sub Ops

Carnivah House has an open call for their themed fantasy anthology The Infinity Swords with a submission period from January 1st through the 15th, 2008. Pays $50 flat rate for original fiction of 2K to 6K, paid on acceptance. Writers may submit up to two stories. Looks like electronic subs only; see more details at their guidelines page here.

Cutting Board Press also has an open call for their themed supernatural anthology, Butcher Shop Quartet 2 with a submission deadline of January 31, 2008. Pays 1-1/2 cents per word plus one contributor's copy for original, unpublished novellas of 15K to 40K; query for longer works. No simultaneous or multiple submissions. Will also require an accompanying synopsis of 250 to 1K words that describes the story in full. Well-published authors of note whose work is accepted are encouraged to negotiate payment, as professional rates will be considered. Electronic submission only, and if you're interested in this one, definitely read carefully all the guidelines here.

Hard SF writers -- Escape Velocity magazine has a new URL, but they're presently closed to submissions until February 1, 2008. Still, worth checking out the guidelines here. Added: Robert M. Blevins, managing editor for Adventure Books of Seattle, stopped in to update this listing with "Escape Velocity is now open for submissions on a continuous basis. We have increased to six issues a year."

Paranormal romance writers, I finally found one for you guys -- Man's Story 2 has an open call for short story submissions for an upcoming, as yet untitled paranormal anthology to be published in early 2008, 1500 to 4K words in length, pays $25.00 per story. They are open to stories about vampires, weres and such, but no ghost stories. Electronic submissions only; more details and guidelines are here.

Norilana Books has an open call for their themed high-end literary, speculative/fantasy/slipstream anthology, Clockwork Phoenix: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness, submission period ends February 1st, 2008. Pays 2 cents per word on acceptance as an advance against royalties, then a pro rata share after earnout plus one contributor copy. Electronic submissions only, see guidelines and details here.

All of the above sub ops were found while rifling through the paying market listings over at Ralan's place.


  1. This is Robert from Adventure Books of Seattle. 'Escape Velocity' is now open for submissions on a continuous basis. We have increased to six issues a year.

    Robert M Blevins
    Managing Editor
    AB of Seattle
    The Escape Velocity Magazine

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Robert -- I've noted the new info on the post.


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