Wednesday, August 01, 2007

RW: Holiday Wishlist

Every summer I started preparing for the winter holidays. I work on handmade gifts all year long, but I usually do my shopping from now until October, and have everything bought, wrapped and tucked away by Thanksgiving. It feeds my obsessive need to be organized, but it also frees me up from having to battle the holiday shopping crowds so I can bake, decorate and hang out with the kids during their vacation.

To celebrate the holidays here at PBW I'll be doing my usual giveaways, but I'd also like to put together something for all my readers. An e-book is the most practical gift, as I can get that to everyone. In years past I've published collections of short stories or series tie-in novellas that were fairly popular.

My question to the readers this week is: what would you like to read in a holiday gift e-book from me? Short stories, a novella, SF, dark fantasy, romance, a holiday-related story? Or something completely different? I've never published Caine and Moriah's story from the last Jessica Hall trilogy, that's one possibility. I could put together some of the unpublished Darkyn or StarDoc short stories. Or do a multi-genre collection with a little bit of everything in it.

I'm open to all suggestions, and I'd appreciate some feedback, so if you like anything I've mentioned or have something else in mind, please post your idea in comments.


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I seem to remember you saying a couple of entries ago that you'd like to write YA or steampunk. If it's humanly possible for you to squeeze it in, why not write a short story/novella in one of those genres?

  2. More Darkyn! More StarDoc!

    Seriously, I'm not picky. I'll even read a collection of your grocery lists--I'm not sure whether I'm kidding about that, because I'm busily procrastinating reading the next StarDoc book I have.

  3. Also not picky. Anything would be great. ;-)

    A multi-genre collection would certainly be interesting though...maybe something with one minor character running in and out of all the genres...?

  4. Anonymous2:49 AM

    I was going to type "Darkyn, Darkyn, Darkyn, Darkyn" until I filled up this little window, but on second thought, a multi-genre collection would probably be the wisest way to go. Not only would it contain something to satisfy all your readers, but it would serve to expose those who follow your work in only one genre to some of your other writing and maybe get them hooked.

  5. I'm always amazed at how generous you are :) Hmmm...I love your Darkyn series, so having an e-book FULL of those short stories would be awesome, but I agree with Kerry and Raine. Multi-genre would probably be the most satisfying for all readers. WOOHOO!

  6. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I usually do my shopping from now until October, and have everything bought, wrapped and tucked away by Thanksgiving.

    I always knew you were sick. This just proves it ;)

    Gee, what would I like to read... hmmmmm... first instinct is to jump and and down screaming, STARDOC STARDOC. But I miss Jessica Hall too. And I love dark fantasy.

    I want everything. I'm greedy.

  7. I, also, would be most interested in a multi-genre collection. I'm familiar with some of your work, but this would be a great way to get a taste of all of it. Also, a touch or two of backstory of some of the characters would be fun. :-)

    Okay, back to my kingdom of lurkdom

  8. I'm with the others, multi-genre.

    I love both your Darkyn and your StarDoc series but have never read any of your Jessica Hall books.

  9. I'm with May--I'd greedily read your grocery lists!

  10. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I'm with everybody - a smorgasbord (sp) of PBW, please. (But if I -have- to pick just one, I'm on a Darkyn kick.)

    And, does this mean we may be coming along to the 2007 E-Book Challenge? I could actually participate this year, so I keep waiting for it.

  11. Jessica Hall or basically anything you write.

  12. A holiday story would be pretty fun but I admit I'm dying to know what happens to Caine and Moriah! It kills me that I won't get a proper book to sit with the other ones :(

  13. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I'm not picky either. Please yourself. When you're happy, we're happy, because then we get the best of the best. I'll enjoy it no matter what you choose.

    Karen, the lurker

    Verification word: muysck

    Does it mean you or me?

  14. I love holiday themed novellas but I too am not picky.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Since this would probably be the only way we could get another Jessica Hall story, I would vote for Caine and Moriah.

  16. I just read the Jessica Hall trilogy also but can we vote

    e. All the above.


  17. Anonymous3:45 PM


  18. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I read all your Darkyn and STARDOC since I picked up your Blade Dancer about 8 months ago. So....I would say DARKYN and STARDOC....You are an amazing writer; I like your energy and tempo in your written words.
    THANK YOU...

  19. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Dark fantasy, please.

  20. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I like the idea of a multi-genre collection. That way, everyone can get a taste of a PBW-holiday, and it would introduce your work to people who don't usually read outside their favorite genres. :)


  21. Stardoc stories please! I've also enjoyed your other SF, Dark Fantasy, and Romance short stories. Your Stardoc works remain my favorite, however.

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

  22. Can i go with E) All of the above? Okay, then I pick the multi-genre (although I would like to read the Jessica Hall one too). Thank you.

  23. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I love your Darkyn books, my favorite vampire series. More Darkyn is always a good thing!

  24. Anonymous11:54 PM

    I'd be happy to read anything you'd care to send our way. I have all the books of yours I know of, (and some I'm only guessing about, too!).
    That said, I love the more fantastical stuff best.

  25. Anonymous12:11 AM

    I enjoy all your e-books, but I definitely love the novellas. Lets me spend more time on reading the story. =)

  26. I would like to see you write an urban fantasy. :)

  27. Ummm, everything and all of the above. It is always cool to see unpublished stuff, kind of like finding Easter eggs on DVD's, epilogues and the like...

  28. Anonymous1:07 AM

    I envy your mad Christmas organizational prowess. I wish I were that organized. *sigh*

    I vote with the majority here and say multi-genre.

  29. Anonymous3:16 AM

    I would like a novella that plays in the STARDOC universe.


  30. I am mostly a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, but I do read most other genres.

    So I will let you choose from your piles og hidden goodies.

  31. Caine and Moriah. Definitely. We were left hanging and I want to know... really.

    Excellent work on Night Lost btw. I've just finished it and consider it the best of them all, so far.

  32. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Would love anything StarDoc related (any news on that front) but would also love Caine and Moriah's story but pretty much would read a milk carton if you wrote it. Thanks!

  33. I swear I'm not being wishy-washy and unable to make up my mind and choose between your words/genres. I swear I'm not!

    I think the best would be unpublished stories in a mix of genres and worlds. Think of it this way, it's a great introduction to your writing as well as a treat for people who are already your readers since the stories would be new ones. I'm just thinking that if it focuses on one of your genres over another people who think they don't read that genre (the fools ;)) will turn away when they might love it. If they're all together then maybe those readers will get pulled in and expand their horizons :).

    Okay, so at least a little bit is that I couldn't choose between... But I came up with some darn good rationalizations if I must say so myself ;).


  34. Anonymous3:22 PM


    I'd like an ebook with novellas or short stories in a variety of areas. Any areas you like. I love Stardoc and have never read Darkyn. Or if you have other short stories rattling around in your brain, those would be cool too. Personally, I like sf: light, dark, romantic, hard (no pun intended, lol), soft or even space operaish.

    SF rocks!


  35. Hi Lynn :) i would love to see DARK FANTASY/ ROMANCE hehe!!Oh and Not to forget Short Darkyn stories LOVE that series of yours!!

    Amanda ^_^

  36. Darkyn....darkyn....DARKYN!

    It would be great to get some Darkyn short stories right before the new book....Especially since I'll be rereading the other Darkyn books to get ready for the new one...

    A Darkyn-fest!


  37. more jessica hall would be great

  38. I am SO late in replying, but I would luuuuuuurve to see Moriah and Caine's story. I have three copies of every single Jessica Hall book. I went on a chocolate binge when you said said you wouldn't be writing under that name anymore.

    So I vote for Jessica Hall. :)


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