Tuesday, July 31, 2007


One of my favorite writing exercises is to mimic other authors. There is no better way to get a handle on what voice is than to try writing in another author's style.

Turnabout is fair play, though, so I thought we'd have some fun with this and hold a PBWisms contest. If you'd like to enter, in comments to this post write something in 25 words or less** that you think I might say here on the blog by midnight EST on Thursday, August 2, 2007.

Da rules: To keep it fair, please only post one PBWism and only one entry. You may cancel an earlier entry if you come up with a better idea, but if you post more than one PBWism and/or entry, you will be disqualified from the contest. Your entry should be something original, not a quote of something I've already said. If you're not sure about my writing voice, you've got three years of archive links to study over there on the right side bar.

I will pick three winners, one in each of these categories: Best in Contest, Funniest, and Most Unlikely. The winners will each receive a Bookwish* and a surprise. This contest is open to everyone on the planet, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.

*A Bookwish is any book by any author of your choice, provided that 1) the book is currently available for order from an online bookseller and 2) the book is priced up to a maximum of $30.00 US dollars. I will throw in whatever shipping costs are involved for free.

**In response to many anxious requests, I'm removing the contest's 25 word or less limit, so your entry length is now open (Shiloh, yours is fine.)


  1. Remember the color wheel and the character palatte ? Heres a new twist on the idea. What if the compliment to live characters are dead ones?

  2. In comments write your suggestion for the design of a bookmark for my upcoming release, Evermore. 10,000 copies of the winning design will be printed.

  3. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Dear, dear fellow writers

    It has come out our, The Sisters of the Immaculate Love Scene, attention that while many of us were away at that lovely convention in Dallas, dressing in our matching twinsets and pearls, that some *cough* writers attempted to use this week to coax vulnerable writers and innocent readers over to the dark side.

    There were workshops that had nothing to do with the heroine maintaining her poise and dignity while hero struggled against all odds to win the chance to kiss her hand. One workshop was dedicated entirely to bringing the battle alive on the page-how appalling. We write romance. Anything violent must be left off the page. Some of the workshops even discussed S-E-X.

    As usual, the ringleader of this rebellion was PBW. Fortunately, she did not attempt another one of her scandalous lists like she did for RT.

    However, this is the second year that PBW has managed to garner attention for herself by doing these wicked, wicked workshops. Surely she realizes that during this time, all attention must be directed towards the convention where we, The Sisters of The Immaculate Love Scene, wait with baited breath to hear that finally, RWA has come to its senses and gotten rid of all RITA categories that allow novels with S-E-X and that they have redefined their definition of romance to fit our definition, that a romance must, must feature only virgin brides, broody yet gentle and understanding heroes and that all love scenes happen behind closed doors.

    In order to make sure this doesn't happen next year, we, The Sisters of the Immaculate Love Scene, propose that all concerned authors sign our petition. We intend to collect a minimum of 12,ooo signatures and present it to PBW in an attempt to persuade her that nobody of worth truly wants to read or participate in her workshops.

    The Sisters of the Immaculate Love Scene

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    *G* Crap, I didn't see the part about 25 words or less.

    Oh well... it was fun writing it anyway.

  5. I brainstormed, outlined and wrote my newest upcoming release today. That makes 47 for the year, which isn't bad, considering that it's only July.

    But I think I'll really have to buckle down and get cracking from now on. I'm adding a few more genres after all, and these books won't write themselves, will they? :)

  6. Anonymous12:47 AM

    I went out to the porch this morning and found the Borg had moved into our birdhouse. Now I want the chick-eating snakes back.

    Bonnie R.

  7. Anonymous7:13 AM

    **In response to many anxious requests, I'm removing the contest's 25 word or less limit, so your entry length is now open (Shiloh, yours is fine.)

    PBW, what can I say? ;) your genius can't be mimicked in only a handful of words. *G*

  8. Seven Things To Make Your (Vampire) Life Easier:

    1. It's always a good idea to know where you can get whole blood, especially if you just want a bit of a snack. BloodSource has a nice list of places on the locations page.

    2. Vampire Wiki gives some great information on how some pesky humans perceive you. You'll howl with laughter, but at least you'll know that you may find yourself dodging a fanatic with a wooden stake.

    3. Who says coffins have to be somber and grave (no pun intended)? Here's a lovely page featuring lots of quirky, fun styles. Sleep in a fish or a beer bottle!

    4. Five rules for black clothes will help you look good in all your gothic glory.

    5. When you're feeling a bit blue, try out some vampire movie suggestions from here, here, and here. Sure to perk up your day.

    6. This online alarm will help you keep track of the time while you surf the internet in your closed, sealed room. Never get caught lethargic at 8 am again.

    7. Your fangs are a great asset. Keep them checked up and looking nice and sparkly by looking up dentists in your area.

  9. Hello readers,
    I'm putting another freebie up in appreciation of my loyal readers - all my readers. It's a short story called The Darkyn vs. The Jorenian!

  10. Afterburn's cover is a glorious representation of:

    1. Adonis of the Waves.. on psychedelic drugs.

    2. transvestite cetaceans

    3. What happens when PBW askes for cover art that is simple and dignified.

    (Don't enter me for the prize--I just couldn't resist writing a PBWism)


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