Monday, July 02, 2007

Hmmmm Ten

Ten Things That Seemed Pretty Interesting

Freeware caution:always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. 7 Wonders is a free game download that takes the player on a journey to build the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by swapping and matching ancient runes. For the fantasy empire-lovers out there, 8 Kingdoms.

2. Manage your research info better with BiblioExpress freeware.

3. Easy HR Popup Calendar is a quick-ref utility freeware that sits in your system tray until you need it.

4. Train yourself to read more quickly with FastReader freeware.

5. Microsoft Word users can "write mirror words or whole sentences, mix up the words of a sentence, remove all the vowels from the words, color every word of a document in a different color, give a wave shape to a sentence, cipher the text and more" with Fun4Word freeware.

6. Garden with Insight freeware is a virtual garden simulator (I'd love to play with this one when I have more time.)

7. Need a tabbed word processor and outliner freeware designed specifically for creative writers? Check out Page Four.

8. Turn your photo archive into a virtual city with Photopolis freeware.

9. The free 30 day trial of QuiltComposer allows you to design quilts on your computer.

10. Seasidesoft Book Manager freeware helps you create digital photo albums with music and pages that turn.

For the rockhounds like me out there, Earth's Core freeware offers "a wealth of information for those people interested in Rocks, Gems and Minerals. It contains detailed information on hundreds of gems and minerals as well as a detail glossary of terms." Also included in the freeware is a generous amount of info on the Periodic Table.

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  1. Now dying to try out #7 and #9. And lots of good stuff ahead this week. What is my best writing life? I must stay tuned...

  2. I suspect my spammers use #5!


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