Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Ten

Ten Things from a Monday I was Offline

Freeware Caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. Alien Speech text to speech freeware will read your text to you at the speed and pitch of your choosing.

2. Hands-on worldbuilding: create a virtual planet with weather, ecosystems and even disasters you introduce with Artificial Planet freeware.

3. Carabao Do-It-Yourself Machine Translation Kit freeware helps you create your own language.

4. Furnish freeware from BoConcept allows you to custom design the furnishings and layouts for all the rooms in your home (be it fictional or real.)

5. Find the perfect name for your character with the 26K+ available with HippoName freeware.

6. Get some free tile graphics made from natural images over at Nature's Mosaics.

7. ReadPal freeware "will take the text from your documents (Outlook, Microsoft Word, Text files and Web Pages) and display it to you in a format that is both easier and faster to read."

8. Poets, find the perfect end word for every line of verse with Rhyme freeware.

9. Said freeware is a random sentence generator that allows you to input your own word lists.

10. Scribe note-taking freeware was "designed especially with historians in mind...Scribe allows you to manage your research notes, quotes, thoughts, contacts, published and archival sources, digital images, outlines, timelines, and glossary entries...create, organize, index, search, link, and cross-reference your note and source cards...assemble, print, and export bibliographies, copy formatted references to clipboard, and import sources from online entire articles, add extended comments on each card in a separate field, and find and highlight a particular word within a note or article."

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