Thursday, August 16, 2007


This morning I'm over at author John Baker's blog, talking about the phases involved when I create a text. If you have a chance, check out John's sidebar archives too; he has a bunch of posts featuring some very interesting writers discussing their methods. My favorite is Winston Churchill.

Politicians often have ghost writers pen their memoirs (a friend of mine sends me Josh Marshall's column, in which he often rants about this.) When I was younger, I wrote corporate copy for executives, sermons for ministers and (surprise) speeches for some local minor politicians. It's funny how interchangeable they are.

If you could pick one politician or public figure you'd like to see write a book (of any variety), who would it be? My vote goes to General Peter Pace; I think he should write a nonfic history on how gays have been treated while serving their country in the military. All right, that was a little mean. Condoleezza Rice, then, writing an interracial romance. Could convince publishers to stop segregating AA authors. But would it be fiction or nonfiction?


  1. Bush on politics? Would either be a comedy or a horror. ;)

  2. Sermons? Dare I ask about denomination?

    If my sermons sound interchangeable with a politician's speech, I would ecpect my people to run me off.

    Hmmm . . . I think I'd like to have Bush write about the role of faith in politics. Or maybe Kerry (or any other nominal Catholic Democrat) on the same subject. Either one would be enlightening.

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    hhhhmmmmm Abe Lincoln... I love reading some of his thoughts on things in general

  4. Can't we pick a politician we would like NOT to write a book instead? Or would that be most of them?

    I kinda wish Barbara Castle had written her autobiography (you won't know who she was, but I once overheard some women on a bus talking about how she was a "spitfire" when they were at school with her). I see she has an authorised bio out, tho, so maybe I'll pick that up some time.

    Blather blather :).

  5. "Karl Rove: The Truth"

    coming next Tuesday in infinity, in bookstores second star to the right and straight on until morning.

  6. Thank you, PBW, for that essay.
    Makes me feel much better about my "creation" pattern.

  7. I smiled when I saw you at John Baker's blog, Lynn. I was featured earlier in the month.


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