Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jordan's Meme

This is the last meme I'm doing this year. SHMG.

Four jobs I've had or currently have in my life:

1. Writer
2. Quilt Conservator
3. Bookseller
4. Minister's Secretary

Four countries I've been to:

1. Canada
2. Mexico
3. The Bahamas
4. Brazil

Four places I'd rather be right now:

1. K-2
2. Joren
3. Ravelin
4. Trellus

Four foods I like to eat:

1. Stir-fry
2. Cassoulet Toulousain
3. Pecan pie
4. Black beans and rice

Four personal heroes, past or present:

1. Dr. Maya Angelou
2. Dr. Edward Jenner
3. Dr. Jonas Salk
4. Oscar Wilde

Four books you've read or are currently reading:

(What happened to I?)

1. Bacterial Metabolism by H.W. Doelle
2. Nefertiti by Nick Drake
3. Smoke and Shadows by Tanya Huff
4. Iron Orchid by Stuart Woods

Four words or phrases you would like to see used more often:

1. I'm happy.
2. I'm healthy.
3. I'm not afraid.
4. I'm tagging Jordan Summers.

Four reasons for ending a friendship:

1. Abuse (emotional or physical)
2. Betrayal.
3. Bigotry.
4. Memes. All right, not memes. Lies.

Four smells that make you feel good about the world:

1. Gardenia
2. Honeysuckle
3. Rain
4. Sun-dried cotton

My question: Four favorite activities you did as a kid:

1. Building sandcastles at the beach
2. Riding my bike
3. Walking through the woods
4. Flying kites

I'm tagging whoever visits and wants to do the meme. If you post it on your blog, leave a link in comments so we can come over and have a look.


  1. **4. I'm tagging Jordan Summers.***
    Are you trying to tell me something? :P

  2. I need someone to make me decent cassoulet someday, because the one time I tried (admittedly, with a vegetarian version), the results were quite dubious.

    But I know there must be a way to make it delicious. Perhaps I should turn to my America's Test Kitchen version and give it a go.

  3. Okay, I've done one. It's over at Jaye Patrick.

    People have such interesting lives.

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Here it is. It was fun.
    Chris Redding

  5. I was one of Jordan's victims. :)

    Here we go

  6. I propose that from now on, we tag Jordan instead of getting tagged by Jordan.

  7. I got tagged by someone else for this meme. It was fun. I've given up trying to avoid them. (Which doesn't mean send me a ton, just that I'm not getting irritated any more.)

    It was nice reading about you. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I gave it a go. Since I don't know how to hyberlink in a comment... click on my name to get there.

  9. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Aw heck, anything to stall the inevitable dinner-making...:D


  10. I agree with BE Sanderson to an extent. I used to avoid these things. Now I just don't get irritated when they come up.

    But it doesn't mean I do them often.

  11. Anonymous9:04 PM

    she got me, too, but i like memes. they allow me the occassional chance to be lazy.


  12. I was tagged a few days ago. It's on my blog. They are a nice way to get a few facts about people.

  13. This made me think! And remember. And then I got hungry.
    Mine is at www.sherrylclark.blogspot.com/
    or I guess you can click on my name.

  14. Anonymous8:27 AM

    If you click on my name, you'll go directly to the post with the meme. Can someone tell me what the tag is to link in a comment?

  15. Mine should come through when you click on my name. Make sure you don't choke on the thick layer of dust on my blog if you visit, though!

  16. That links to my profile. www.alison15.blogspot.com links directly to the blog!

  17. Jess:

    Mine blog addy, with parentheses instead of carats, would be this:

    (a href="http://letters2charlie.blogspot.com")Letters to Charlie(/a)

    Do it right, and you get this:

    Letters to Charlie

  18. I'm sure I did it somewhere months ago.

    That is interesting about the mid-meme POV change though.

  19. Anonymous6:09 PM

    LOL I did it but had been hit with it by Sylvia just before your post.



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