Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Story Up

New Darkyn short story

Click on the cover art to download the .pdf version, or read it online at the fiction blog here.


  1. Whee! I love it. :) Just the sort of quick read I need today.

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM


    just wow.

    Thank you, PBW.


  3. I *love* the Darkyn world. With Worthy to hold me over, I just might make it until Evermore releases. Nah, Jan 2008 is still too far away.

    Loved it--thank you!!

  4. I'm midway through Night Lost. This is a lovely interlude. I'd looooove to hear more.

    So why, out of curiosity, are you giving all the main character females masculine names in the Darkyn books? Any particular reason, or do you just like turning naming conventions on their head? Or am I reading too much (Hah! Pun intended!) into all this?

  5. Likewise. This is just what I needed today. I love the Darkyn series. I am going to save this for reading tonight!

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    oh that was good. when do we get more?


  7. I love the Darkwyn stories! Thanks :)

  8. Anonymous7:07 PM

    OMG Wow. Just wow. Thank you for this free read.

  9. Just what I needed -- a little nip of Darkyn between books! Woot! I can't wait until the next one comes out. 2008 ain't so far away, right? *wibbles*

  10. And this, children, is why we don't pick up strange men in coffee shops.

    Oh, that was wonderful. So many excellent one-liners woven into a compelling story. Wonderful balancing of tension and humor.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Thank you for that! It was the perfect bit to satisfy between books!

  12. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Wasn't sure what the story was about when I started it, but I'll read anything you write! Can't wait until January! Oh, and I just loaned my Mom your Stardoc novels and she's loving your writing too!

  13. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Loved the story!

    Now... I have to get to the book store. I've never read your Darkyn series, but it looks like that's about to change.

  14. Anonymous5:43 PM

    That was a great! Thanks. ;)


  15. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I'm dragging after a day (and evening) full of startup teacher meetings for school and am only now finally getting my tired butt out of the office chair for the public transportation commute home.

    Just before I shut down the computer I checked your blog.

    Thank you so much for adding a bit of joy to take home after a tiring day. The commute will be much more fun with this to read! Thank you thank you.

  16. That was great! Thanks, PBW. :)

  17. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Wow...Will we have a book with Shamaras and Juliana?....Please;......

  18. Dang it.

    There I was at paragraph one, sighing my Y chromosome indignity about another chick lit story...

    And then 35 minutes later I look down to see that my workday is over and I'm still sitting in my cube.

    Wow. Nicely done. Nice, nice, nice.


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