Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sure, I know what day it is

It's Screw-up Day! Oblivious of the Calendar Girl that I am, I went and drew the names for the MC Giveaway** a full twenty-four hours before I was supposed to. My only excuse is that it looked like Wednesday. And, when you think about it, every day sort of looks like Wednesday.

My apologies, and for everyone who entered who didn't win when they weren't suppose to, we'll have another, second-chance drawing tonight.

**Added: I've also reopened comments to the post so anyone who didn't get a chance to enter can, up until midnight EST tonight.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Same question? Telempathy, including both the power to project/direct AND to set up a mental wall so that I could dampen/block the pervading emotions of others.

    My husband and I have a friend whom we have dubbed "Zen Temple" because he oozes this sense of calm. It's fantastic, but I'd need a superpower to be able to achieve it! Also, I can get so stressed out by upset people around me that I would like to either calm them down, or at least tune them out.

  2. Just a quick comment off topic to this particular post-

    I want JUNE, I want JUNE! I am in a 'Dark Need'. LOL

    Just finished Private Demon. It's not fair you know. I thought I was madely in love with Michael (okay, still am, but it appears I'm a rather fickle little witch) now I love Thiery too!

    Somehow, you made me fall madly in love with the lunatic. At the end of Angels, when I saw the follow up was sort of concentrating on Thiery's story, I kind of scrunched my eyes and whinned, but I love Michael... Thiery's a wacko. LOL... now... now I have to see how you make me fall in love with the (well, my French here would make others blush, so I'll leave out my little 'nickname' for him) Lucan.


    I want June, I want June!

  3. If we're going to believe it's a different day than it really is, can we go for Saturday next time? Then I can sleep in and I don't have to go to work.

  4. Lol. I was just wondering why you had drawn the winners so soon (and kicking myself for not popping by earlier). I figured it must have been the time difference, because I live in England. Didn't realise you're as fallible as the rest of us mere mortals. ;)

  5. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I love second chances. Here's me hoping again to win. ;o)

  6. Anonymous9:50 PM

    The super power of always saying the right thing, at the exact right moment and to the person who needs to hear it the most.

    Barring that I'd like to be a shapeshifter. ;)


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