Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I was all set to rant about what's wrong with the romance genre today (think War and Peace length post) and then someone (Miss Kate) reminded me that it should not all be about the negative stuff. Plus it's Valentine's Day, a good reason to postpone any rant.

Writing romance is easy, because real life romance is weird. Twenty years ago I noticed a guy with a great smile and got to know him as a friend. He was a tall, blond ex-surfer mechanic with great hands, who could tear down and retrofit a room-sized engine with his eyes closed, but who hadn't willingly read a book in his life. A guy with whom I had absolutely nothing in common, and pretty much the last man on earth I'd have picked as the love of my life.

My guy and our daughter

That same guy is downstairs dozing on the sofa, waiting for me to finish writing this. Unless he's on the road, he never goes to bed without me. Because for some weird, irrational reason, I'm the love of his life.

May you all be as fortunate as we are. Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. That is a really sweet story.
    Happy V-Day to you.

  2. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Handsome guy, Sheila, and he does have a great smile. So he's crazy about you. What's so weird about that?

    My Valentine's Day post will be all about cat poo. Maybe not the sweetest Valentine I could give my wife and son, but it made them laugh. That's something.

  3. My wife and I celebrate 15 happy years of marriage today. Yes, we picked Valentines for our wedding day.
    I'm still not sure whether it was romantic or pragmatic, but I've never forgotten which day it is ;-)

  4. Where do you stand on cloning him?

  5. "May you all be as fortunate as we are."

    Glad to say we are, so Happy Valentine's Day to you too ;}#

  6. You're right, he's got a great smile.

    Happy Valentines to you both.

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    May all your years be filled with such happiness. Treasure what you have always.

    Happy Valentine's day!

  8. My Valentines Day post is not quite as sweet! LOL! Happy Valentines Day to you, though!

  9. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Looks like he's a keeper! ;-)

    But who's the cutie baby?

  10. May you all be as fortunate as we are.

    We are, I think. I'm home sick, so I'm letting the love of my life sleep in.

  11. May you all be as fortunate as we are.

    We are :)

  12. Anonymous11:49 AM

    That was sweet. :) And he does have a great smile. (I also totally want to tickle the baby. So adorable!)

  13. Mine won't read books either, but after 10 1/2 years of marriage, we are closer, happier, and more in love than on our wedding day.

    I'm a sap on V day [at least that's the only day I'm admitting to,] so thanks for the sweetness.

  14. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Thanks to all for admiring my guy. He refuses to be cloned, though, and I'm selfish enough to appreciate that. The cute baby is our daughter Katherine (all men, imo, should be photographed holding their babies.)

  15. I am happy to say that I am *very* fortunate to have my hubby. He snuck under my radar and snatched me away from two other guys. The whole thing is a long and funny story.

    And as for the not going to bed thing, I'm the one who does that. My hubby gets a little frustrated sometimes, but I think he secretly loves it, too. ;-)

    Happy Valentine's to all!


  16. I'm lucky too. Happy V-day.

  17. Great story, Sheila. He does have a great smile and your baby's adorable, too.

    I've been very lucky. This is our 29th Valentine's Day together, if I've done the math right. And we're still the love of each other's lives.

    pj-I hate going to bed without him, too. :)


  18. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Awwweee. Thankyou for sharing your personal picture with us. He does have a great smile.

    Happy V to you as well.

  19. i'm lucky... although I sometimes wonder how lucky he is. But even if he figures out he got the short end of the bargain, i'm keeping him.

    Happy Valentines Day everybody

  20. This is such a sweet post, Sheila. :-)

  21. Happy Valentine's Day to you both...and I love the pics of my hubby with the babies too *g*

  22. What a lovely post. Much better than all the 'why Vday sucks' posts Ive been reading.


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