Tuesday, February 07, 2006

NTY the Memoir

Her mother quietly despairs as the single little hussy goes on happily, blatantly living in sin.

Make your own romance novel cover here.


  1. LOL! Whatever happened to just getting a nice photo taken? (shaking head) Love your cover copy btw. *g*

  2. You owe me a keyboard.

    ::goes off to sop up coffee::

  3. Thanks for that! Now I have a picture of the book about theJohn Rickards self-help study on my desktop.

  4. LOL. Nice.

    (Got my contest copy of Rebel Ice, by the way. Thanks so much. You are the greatest!)

  5. Wait, I even got a backcover text. *grin*

    Ansgar von Ravenhorst is a privateer turned pirate who fights in the Danish succession war; his friend Hermann von Thelkow is a Teutonic Knight, sworn to extinguish the pirates. Both are in love with Lenora Anckarström.

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  7. That site has a lot of neat stuff on it. I liked the neon signs, too [it was the only other thing I could figure out how to do. Sigh.]

  8. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Thanks so much for the link to that. I wasted valuable writing time making some covers. I sent them to some friends that needed cheering up. I also got a copy of Way of the Cheetah. Finally a book full of practical writing advice about the issues I've wondered about for years. You got me through NaNoWriMo. This year I actually finished the damn book.
    Thank you.


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